songbird work

I  can never remember where I parked my car or what I had for lunch but I have an excellent fabric memory – sort of.  I have clear and very distinct memories of  the fabrics of my childhood – my whole life really.  I think I could draw them all – maybe I’ll try.  And now, even if a tiny scrap has bee tucked away for years, it’s cataloged in my head, just not very specifically…….  I was absolutely positive that the fabulous little blue scrap in the photo below was here somewhere.  Positive.  And positive that that blue songbird had to have it.  Had to.  And it was – that one little piece – in the only place it could be – at the very bottom of the very last box I looked in.

I’ve been working on this group of Sri Threads songbirds for weeks and they are just about ready.  I was hoping for this week but I’m still climbing out of a crappy spring cold and everything is in slow motion. Some of these and a few other things will be in the shop next week sometime  (sign up here to be notified by email if you like).

sri songbird work

hand stitched songbird

slate sri songbird

sri songbird work

songbird sewing pattern

You can find the sewing pattern to make this bird in the shop, there is a print and pdf version and there is a free tutorial on how to make a realistic bird foot right here.

And when you join the mailing list you get a coupon code for 20% off your pattern purchase.

get the songbird sewing pattern


  1. Joanna Taylor

    Love the songbirds. Is Thursday the day you usually post when you do?

  2. Charming and they all have their own personality already

  3. Sylvia gage

    I would love to have anything you make but what I would really love is one of your owls

  4. Melody A.

    Love the songbirds!!! Will this design be available as one of your patterns? Would love to try and make a flock of them.

  5. I can relate to your comments about a “fabric memory” . And I love your work.

  6. Love these birds <3

    I'd like to purchase the pattern too. Will you be making it available?

  7. I have a retail store and would like to purchase some of your birds. Please call me if you can. 18017876137. My business name is Brambles and Blossoms. I’m located in Provo Utah. Thanks!!!

  8. Diane true

    I would love to purchase several of your Sri Threadsong birds. They are wonderful!! You can reach me on my email. Thank you so much.

  9. Jennifer Wark

    I would love to work a 3 dimentional bird with a complete embroidered finish. Do you have a suitable pattern?

  10. I have been waiting for this pattern release… when will it be available?

  11. Cecilia (Litzi) Botello

    I really like your birds , they are beautiful. You are so inspiring. You make me want to sew something and I Do not see.

  12. Veronica

    I made my first bird!! I call her Milagro because it’s a miracle that I could make her!! Thank you for such great detailed instructions and pictures!!!
    I’d share a picture but I don’t know how!! Lol!!

  13. Wendy Pullin

    I love this pattern. The legs are such an inspiration.

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