The mail man brought me this box of fabric scraps this morning ( ebay). It’s all spectacular stuff, lot’s of stripes and little ginghams, perfect for birds and sails, every bit of it. This is just some –


I made a bird immediately.


  1. Ann, your little birds are so dear. Such an inquisitive little face this one has!

    What do you use for the legs? I had thought they were maybe wire wrapped with floral tape, but this one looks different…

  2. I love the birds and little sweeties. I’v eonly just found your site and am enjoying looking at everything. Thanks!


  3. Wow! That really is a great box of scraps. Your birds are so amazing-so adorable, but not too “cutesy”. Your creations bring happiness to me-thank you for sharing.

  4. Love the bird! What a great score on Ebay! I had to really be careful, buying vintage notions, etc. Had to break my run of purchases – online shopping is way too easy.

  5. Are you the one I’m bidding against for scraps on ebay (just kidding). Your bird is so lovely, I love those feet, I’m always trying to get decent feet on my birds, such a delicate balance isn’t it?

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