play all day

I’m  pleased and excited to be included in “Play All Day – Design For Children” published this year by Gestalten. I’m also pleased to live in a world where you can have a blast making  castles out of old cardboard  boxes and on top of that! somebody will publish them in a lovely book.

It’s available at amazon now – check out  pages 48 and 49!

And a couple notes:

* Fill in the Blank Gallery is having a cardboard horse making workshop on Sunday, if you’re in Chicago check it out – all ages and skill levels are welcome and it’s free!!

* Henchard and some other new things ( including some ready made sweethearts and  a new set available to order)  will be in the shop sometime next week. If you are on the mailing list you will be notified when the shop is updated.


  1. Congrats on being published. I am lurking here for quite some time, I have seen the castle when you put it on this blog. I love it. And I think you deserve being published. I love your thought; that you are pleased that you live in a world… I love that too! Sometimes life is a bowl full of cheries!

  2. Maggie May

    you are so very talented, i’m happy you were published. your ship, as i said before, is pure genius magic.

  3. congratulations – I love seeing what you are up to on your blog – your imagination is fantastic.

  4. Sandra Equihua

    So exciting! You must be so proud! Congratulations!

  5. I once had a school teacher who said dreadful things to her students including something along the lines of “you will all end up living in cardboard boxes”. I wonder if she wasn’t so dreadful afterall, and really meant soemthing like this? Heaven

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