A vehement gloomy being who had quitted the ways of vulgar men without light to guide him on a better way.

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  1. He is kind of spooky and wonderful all at the same time. I love all the material you used on this owl. The little heart makes him seem a little more friendly than spooky.

  2. how wonderfull and beautifull !!!!! you are soooo creative!!!!!!chauuu!!

  3. I like the sound of Henchard.
    Although I suspect he may be a dangerous man to love.
    The very handsome ones usually are.

  4. Such personality… I love your owls Anne! Do you ever sell them?
    They are just amazing and I can only imagine the amount of time that goes into them.

  5. He´s wonderful – I´m especially fond of his literary-claws…( + it looks as if a white dove´s sitting in his ear…)

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