1. I know it is wishful thinking but I would love to see a HUGE boat I hope someone commissions you for a Winters window display and they would like a huge Snow Queens boat sailing across the ice xx
    Fingers crossed
    Lynn xx

  2. I love your ships, they are so ethereal and beautiful – your apartment looks like something from a fairytale. Thank your for sharing your creations with us all – may it never end.

  3. beautiful beautiful ann! I especially love the text on the boats, is that from old books or newspapers? and did you happen to put a wash over it? Cannot wait for tutorial!

  4. All your work is fantastic, but the “Anastasia” is magnificent. WOW!

  5. Do you ever teach classes inthe Brooklyn Area?

  6. You made so lovely dreamships, very amazing. But all the other of your creations are impressing too.
    Dear Greetings

  7. jackie kennedy

    do you have a pattern for the Anastasia? Looks like wire armature and not paper mache
    I did get your paper mache ship

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