new ships

I got up extra early this morning to begin  photographing more new ships. This time of year the nicest light happens between 6:30 and 7 am. I’ll do the same again tomorrow – the ships are tricky to photograph – they need lots of light and are almost constantly in motion – lots of waiting around for stillness.

ann wood ships

ann wood ships

(find the pattern to build your own ships here)

You might notice that I’ve rearranged my place. I have stuck with  pretty much the same arrangement in every apartment I’ve lived in. I tried changing it a couple years ago with unhappy results – nothing about it worked – I couldn’t concentrate and it just felt wrong. I got inspired to try again a  few weeks ago and I’m very happy with it.  From a purely practical perspective I have light where I need it and it makes sense with the electrical outlets.  It feels more open and spacious and new and the plants seem to like it. The sewing machine is next to the largest window now – it’s a huge improvement. Sometime when I’m being tidier I’ll show you the whole thing – right now I’m kind of a disaster in that department.

ann wood studio

I’ll post some more ship photos in the afternoon tomorrow ( they will all be in my shop on thursday 6/5).



  1. Your ships pictured look so dreamy, floating in front of the windows, as if they are about to set off on a voyage of the skies… Beautiful!

  2. Tell please about the sewing machine. How old is she and what it firms? Take big pictures of the sewing machine – it is fine! !

  3. just stunning I adore your sails… I have to ask Anne.. is this your work space or your home or both it is so very beautiful, so sorry to be nosy xx

  4. love your place Ann! I have been following you for years and so happy about your continued success. Cannot wait for your kits! an are you going to do an on line class say for the ships or anything? Maybe that is what you meant..XXOO

  5. Suella Postles

    Love your work and love your place. Please do let us see your interiors when you are ready. I’m happy to see them untidy as well.


    I’m still astounded that so much Edwardian clothing is still available. Are some simple garments from stashes of unsold stock somewhere in NY?

    Envious or what?

  6. I would love seam allowances on the patterns. People can always cut them off it they don’t use them. I am working on two ships now as I was so inspired by yours. I will buy your patterns when you have finished them. I love the birds. I live on an island that has an history back to the 1600s. In the early days there were Pirates. The ship I am making is a Pirate ship. I used articles about the history of the island and the Pirates to Paper Mache it. Ann, I know how long and how much experimenting it takes to make something from your own mind. It is make a pattern piece, cut it out, put it together, and then do it again, many times. It takes a long time. I am making these ships for the gift shop on the island to sell. I am 75 and disabled from a car accident and cancer so I try to keep busy making my Printable Dollhouses and have decided to do what I love to do and make things in one of a kind again. Thank you for the Inspiration.

  7. I love your boats , and I love the ” chiffonnier” , that piece of furniture with lots of drawers in the last photo…

  8. I made some of your papier mache boats before but I think I would really like to try one of your dreamy galleons…I can picture it floating in front of the windows in my tiny “spare room” (/sewing room/exercise room/craft storage room/etc 😀 ) I must admit, I am inspired by the corner of your room – I have a little table I’ve been meaning to paint and not sure what color – but I really like that pale aqua/blue on your little side table…hmmm I’d love to see photos of your place when you want to share them – the windows and architectural details are wonderful. Is it part of an old house? Definitely suits your style, using bits and pieces of the past! Modern just wouldn’t work the same as a backdrop.

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