what’s left

When I’m making ships I spend a lot of time with a big box of pale ruined dresses and parts of dresses, edwardian mostly,  and each time I go through it I pull out little bits to save – things too fragile to use but too precious to part with or things I find so interesting as they are I don’t want to change them.

dress parts

A  tattered bit of  very old silk lace with tiny bright green beads attached to each point – it was a cuff – it must have been a magnificent garment.

green beads

I finished 2 more ships today and photographed them – one similar to The Louisa May and another paper mache.

ship, dream


This style of ship is also one of the patterns I’ll be publishing and I spent some time breaking down the steps today.  I would also  love to teach a paper mache ship  class in person – it’s such a satisfying project to make.

PS – all the new ships will be available in the shop tomorrow (6/5).


  1. Love your blog, Ann and all your beautiful creations. It would be soooooo much fun to take a class from you!

  2. Oh, those gauzy bits are just wonderful! They look like you pulled them from the ether. Lovely ships, too. 🙂

  3. Hi. I love your work, I won’t be able to go to your classes so I’m going to tackle a ship on my own. I think you have some ship tutorials up? But I am excited about the new patterns coming out.

  4. How wonderful, i love that your ships are made from other things re-cycled, giving them a new life.

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