packing and shipping and a contest!

I spent the larger part of the day packing and shipping things – that will occupy about half of tomorrow too. I secretly enjoy it.

cake topper birds

Today was mostly birds and tomorrow larger things – ships.  Later this week I’ll post my very inexpensive but effective method for shipping large -ish fragile things – so check back if that’s of interest.

packing and shipping

And just for fun – a caption contest! A while back  Lisa of  a thread from the edge suggested a caption contest. I think it’s a brilliant suggestion and if you check out the comments to this post you can see some of  her caption ideas – so funny and perfect. And a prize! A winner will be chosen by a yet to be determined method  – either a vote or a panel of expert judges and the best caption gets their very own bundled up  bird!


Find the pattern to make your own little bird here.

Everyone  is welcome to participate – just create a caption for this photo and leave it in the comment section:

(you can click the image for a larger version if that helps you with your captioning)

A winner will be chosen next Wednesday 12/14.


  1. What a cute picture, the one with blue folar : listen you all, Flee and be merry and never Fear the contrary.

  2. Mulled wine and hot mince pies, you say? OK, chaps! Once more from the top…”On the first day of Chris…”

  3. No pushing; form an orderly queue PLEASE! There are good homes waiting for all and we’ll all be there for Christmas.

  4. All of his fine, feathered friends were bundled as they said goodbye to Henry. He was the lucky one, first to head south for the winter.

  5. The nesting looks cozy to rest in while traveling. My friends are all waiting to get their own boxes. We will all travel to exciting new places and when we arrive we will be most welcome. The persons received will jump with glee. At night while you’re resting and we are all nesting in new homes, we will draft tiny letters to tell our dear friends all about our new homes and adventures. There is so much to see!!!

    So thank you Miss Ann Wood for bringing our little souls to life.

    Let the journey begin with a flutter.

  6. Darlene had told only her best friend, Eliza, but by the time her mail-order groom was set to arrive, the whole town had heard about it.

  7. I don’t have a quote but the little bird with war scarf and acorn cap looks so startled because of the print he makes me laugh. Some stray snow muct have fallen down his back!

    Love your birds!

  8. the flock gathered to wish Henry well, knowing they too would soon be off on an adventure across snowy lands to new places and spaces.

  9. Pegi Payne

    As the wedding party waited to board the box, the groom caused quite a stir amongst the flock by refusing to don the acorn!!

  10. “No dilly dallying! You all knew this day was coming. We can keep in touch through Twitter. Come along now.”

  11. I can see so many beautiful things… Must be so exciting!

    Thank you for the pattern of the tea cup, I really love it!


  12. j’aime beaucoup le grand rassemblement des oiseaux prêts pour le grand jour!!!
    Love your work!

  13. OK OK so the saying is ‘Birds of a Feather Flock together’ but I am telling you guys I think it against some kind of law to shove us all into that box.

  14. (They are all watching a “guy” who seems to have difficulties to enter in the box …) : “We told you weeks ago to follow properly your diet… too many cornflakes !! see ! now you cannot enter in the box and you will have to stay with Ann !! silly you !! …” Stéphany from France …

  15. Melanie will demonstrate how to sit comfortably on the egg …..

  16. Lily and Thom REGRET flat rate shipping airfare to their honeymoon destination………

  17. OK, keep your scarves tied tightly and your tail feather UP!
    If you’ve got a partner, stick together!
    We’re outa here!!

  18. Ok, we’re almost ready to roll, er, fly. Before we go, everyone needs to put on their wool knee socks and boots. It’s freezing out there and I don’t want a repeat of the frostbitten legs or toes some had last year.

  19. Shelby Medina

    Listen up birds! Look what they’ve done to Simon! We gotta blow this coop!

  20. Sally Stanley

    “Ok, y’all, this is the plan! We can go calmly into these nesting boxes and hope for a warmer climate or we can gather some “team effort” here and open that window, taking a chance on our own. I say go for the nesting boxes!”

  21. As Aesop would say “It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds”- revised for Ann “It’s not only fine garments that make fine birds.”

  22. So, you say it’s guaranteed that we will be “South” in just two days? And no flying required? I’m in!

  23. “Ladies and Children first, Carry only the important stuff. Only 3 boxes, only few more boxes left! Hurry Hurry, before the snow arrives, else we won’t make it to the mailbox. Do not Panic , and no foods allowed inside the box”

  24. Oh wow…Charlies is leaving early for the holiday.
    Hey Charlie where are you going? Oh wow…Aruba…I am jealous!

  25. Oh NO! They killed Kenny!

    “Just remember… tweet us when you get there!”

    “Everyone was agaggle that Mr. Byrd was leaving the nest.”

    “Yep, Ann got the fluffy factor Juuust Right!”

    “The flock waits in a flurry of chatter for their turn to fly the nest”

    Love your beautiful birds Ann! <3

  26. Some of the locals were less than impressed with the Mayor’s televised demonstration of new “anti-slip” gritting for winter roads.

  27. Everyone excitedly awaits their chance to test the fluffy factor of the Christmas parcel x

  28. “Ahh…. AHEM! Ladies and gents settle down now! Yes Momma Ann! We are all agreed! Perfect packing density has been achieved! Let shipping commence!”

  29. Polly Anna

    Maybe we should rethink this destination wedding thing.

  30. “Folks! Didn’t Ms. Woods say she was using popcorn so we could snik-snak as well as stay warm on our trip to the country?”

  31. the bird council was summoned and all the birds whispered softly, curious about that last-minute meeting. the president cleared his throat and, in a solemn voice said:
    dear friends, we have a mission of the utmost importance – santa claus has lost a couple reindeers and has asked us birds to help out delivering gifts all around the world. make haste, there’s no time to lose.

  32. “Coming soon to a theater near you: Two Weddings, a Flashmob and a Funeral.”

    “Maurice! I told you not to have too much of the sparkly! The wedding couples always feather the nest first.” Margie sighed. “He’s always loved weddings a bit too much.”

    Flashmob dance to: “I’m Going to the Chapple, and I’m Going to Get Married.”

  33. “I say ol’ chap, how about we give you a hand and get you out of there before she comes back and puts the lid over you. Something’s afoot I say. Every day there are fewer and fewer of us!”

  34. -Fellowship of the Seed.
    -“See. That’s why we migrate by wing and not by post.”
    -“Dammit, guys, another one of us just froze to death. You DO know we can fly, right?! Anybody?! Seriously?! ….Well, so…has anyone called dibs on the thighs yet?”
    -“So, the cat told you he found him like this?”
    -The Winterbird Eulegy.

    Beautiful Birds Ann. I’m always inspired by your work.

  35. “Okay, which one of youse shredded the wrapping paper?!”

    These are all just lovely. Thank you for the opportunity to win a bit of your work.

  36. “Well friends, we were going to perform a double wedding here today,” says Harry in the blue scarf from atop the brown box. “but it looks like Patrick decided to start drinking before the wedding and got drunk and fell into the honeymoon packaging.”

    “The brides’ fathers are talking in the back and will decide what to do with our drunk friend. For now, I guess we will all stand around and keep warm in our new scarves and acorn hats!”

  37. Charles had had no luck at the earlier box social auction, yet was determined to prevail in the hay stack find. No one had the heart to tell him they had not yet placed the prizes.

  38. All aflutter, the birds prepared for their journey south, and promised to keep in touch via Twitter. Jenny secretly wished for somewhere warm this time, like Boca. Howard just hoped there would be jam.


    Agnes was a bit nervous about the trip – would there be room for her Louboutins?


    Okay, these birds are too cute, I could do this all day.

  39. Okay, I called you all together to show you, again, how to build a nest…this is not the way! You newlyweds there, pay special attention!

  40. Sue Pagels

    Now Opie, I told you to get your coat on so we can take dinner down to your Pa at the jail. (sorry, she SO looks like Aunt Bea!)

  41. “Let’s try that again from the beginning….
    Do Re Me Fa So La Te Do!”

  42. “Y’all, there isn’t enough lifeboats for everyone of us so first class passengers first. The rest of you don’t come close or I’ll shoot you!”

  43. I wanted to add that I don’t know about little birds, but chickens do sneeze, I had one that sneezed all the time, bless her soul, it was the cutest thing.

  44. This is a big moment for all of you. You will be going to your new home for the holidays.

    With that said, please listen carefully so you will arrive where your going safely.

  45. “Now watch me friends, as I restores this lad to ‘is full strength with Dr. Bulfinch’s Magic Potion!”

  46. “Ye flowery banks o’ bonie Doon,
    How can ye blume sae fair?
    How can ye chant, ye little birds,
    And I sae fu’ o’ care?

    Thou’ll break my heart, thou bonie bird,
    That sings upon the bough;
    Thou minds me o’ the happy days,
    When my fause love was true.”

    -excerpt “Bonie Doon” Robert Burns

    Your bird is such a happy, handsome, highland lad… a bonie bird if ever there was one!

  47. Bird 1: I heard that she will awake at love’s first kiss.

    Bird 2: Nahh, she the had one too many grasshoppers last night at the Rockin’ Robin.

    Bird 3: I heard she shook her tail feather right off!!

    All Birds: Gasp!

  48. “But I can’t travel in that thing, I’m claustrophobic!”

  49. Benny forgot to put on his gas mask when the riots broke out at Occupy Birdtable.

  50. “I TOLD you we should have taken the train!” says the Bride to the Groom

  51. “OK people, you’re looking good for the Christmas Bird Count – now get out there and be counted.”

  52. Jennifer Cheek-Payan

    Great contest! This is so fun!

    “Pardon me, but I don’t think that’s quite how Air-Mail works…”

    “I’m sorry but if you want to know what happens, you’ll have to come with me…After all, they do say ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!'”

    “Honest guys, he just fell”

  53. Okay, everyone! Take a minute and say your goodbyes. I’ll be sending you back to clean up your workspace and then get in your box. We will miss you around here! Make it work!

  54. “C’mon dears, please hurry along, this is not a drill, I repeat this is not a drill……..the cat will be here soon!”

  55. “Attention flyers, we would like to remind everyone that there is absolutely no perching in the loading and unloading zones.”

  56. Quiet, quiet everyone…. don’t get your feathers in a fit or your stitches unravelled! These boxed crates are equipped with internet wifi communications for the journey.

  57. Well done team! Once our new balloons for the Macy’s parade are afloat, the whole world will be flocking to us!!

  58. “Now witness, dear friends, as David Blainebird prepares to package himself alive for 6-10 business days! Don’t try this at home!”

  59. Farewell fellow feathered friends, for I am forevermore to fleet and fly feverishly in a foreign future. Be fortitudinous and fearlessly face fabricated fantasies, fables. Feel frolicsome and fancy-free. Felicity is forthwith.

  60. When the love birds said we were all shipping off to a romantic destination wedding…I didn’t think they meant it literally!

  61. “All right guys, you’re about to be packed. Each one is in charge of the one to your right until he or she is in the box. We will keep in touch, don’t forget your skype accounts and beware of humans peeking while you call each other. Now go and make someone happy!!”

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