on my work table : a blue fox and botanical inspiration

I’m working on several blue creatures including a solemn blue fox made from textiles courtesy of Sri Threads in glorious shades of indigo (except for his velvety nose – I used a bit of a midnight blue Edwardian jacket).
blue fox

I’m also making plans for my botanical workshop at Squam this June. I loved teaching this class last fall – the specimens in the photo below were a gift from a student in last September’s class- treasures.


I collected inspiration for some new projects/experiments for the upcoming spring class at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden (it’s spectacular) this past fall. This is an Eastern Shooting Star – gone to seed – strange and lovely.

eastern shooting star

And the remains of  a Purple Coneflower.purple cone flower

I had never seen either of these before – if you know of other strange and wonderful botanicals please share – I’d love to see. I’m looking forward to the class and the time in the forest. It’s terrible to wish time away but I can’t wait for spring. Fiddleheads and frog chirps and mushrooms – all of it.  And P. S.  (a couple days early) – Happy Valentine’s Day!

valentine flamingos


  1. Wondering if that seed head could be from a Echinacea Firebird. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and work.

  2. Love the shooting star! I’m wondering if you’ll be making milkweed pods in fabric – they’d look pretty interesting! I’m taking a sketch class and there’s not much but snow around here. Thought I might go look for some milkweed pods or teasel at my brother’s house in the country – and then I saw your posting. Yep, I’m going to have to brave some deep snow and see what I can find 🙂

    Do you have teasel in your collection? It’s not a nice plant to have around and the pods are terribly sharp but they do look neat.

  3. Now I am wondering if you will at sometime create a fox pattern! I loved your foxes with kimonos.
    Am waiting patiently; OK not os patiently; for the owl pattern!
    I look forward to your blog every day!

  4. Jennifer B

    Hello Ann,
    I am with Cheryl, wondering if you will publish the fox pattern (keeping my fingers crossed) and waiting for the owl pattern. You are such an inspiration, thank you for sharing your talents with us!

  5. Hi, I have found your blog recently and really admire your work. Also, thanks for sharing your creative process. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying your Monday posts. In regards to botanics, you might have come across the work of the photographer Karl Blossfeldt, but if not it’s worth a peek. Just do a google image search for exquisite photography.
    All the best,

  6. Ann love all your creations.Amazed every time I receive an email. Do you think you would share your pattern for the Rat? I think he is adorable.You are so talented and thank you for allowing us to enjoy your creations.Carol

  7. The seeds and pods all look like they would be fantastic made from fabric Ann! I’ve long been interested in nature and have wanted to make bulbs, seeds and pods for some time!
    What a grand time will be had at Squam! 🙂

  8. carol shannon

    Ann the fox wedding is just amazing,can imagine this taking place in the forest.Design is breath taking, I am sure they will be amazed with the use of the fabric.Thank you for allowing us to enjoy your talent,carol

  9. What a really beautiful fox 🙂 I love your work.That is something magic about it 🙂
    Fairy-tale creatures and this love for nature.Thank you for sharing 🙂

  10. Nina Crow Placek

    So here I am once again asking about Foxes……are there foxes for sale? Will there be foxes for sale? Or how about a pattern for foxes? I have the large ship pattern – would be nice to have a ship with a fox crew, don’t you think? Do you answer inquiries? I find a difference between American & UK artists…the UK artists always answer my questions.

  11. Maureen Willetts

    Your seed pods (closed and open) are wonderful. Your work is an inspiration to me. Have had and made your toadstools which I enjoyed very much.
    Thank you for your emails, I do enjoy them.

    • I’m so glad to here it and thank you – happy you are enjoying making mushrooms!

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