new sewing tutorial : make a hooded doll cloak

This little doll cloak is made with just one seam and one piece of felt. Magic – it’s almost too easy. Details are optional and there are so many possibilities… Little folks will be delighted by the process and the transformation of this flat shape into a sweet hooded cloak just right for the tiny rag doll.

tiny rag doll wearing felt cape in my hand

doll cloak materials

the template
felt -quality matters- wool or wool blend is best
embroidery thread
embroidery needle
small button or bead

download the template


materials for the doll cloak on a workk table with the tiny dolls

That’s it! That’s all you need. The cloak is assembled with just one little seam and the rest is decorative. You can use any edge stitch and add as much embroidery detail as you like. Find lot’s of edge stitch tutorials here. My first cloak is super simple. Its sweetness surprised me. The result is so delightful I feel like it should have been harder to do.  And it’s just so spot on right for the tiny rag doll.

Cut out the template and use a sharp pencil to poke holes at the ends of the two lines. Pin the pattern to the felt and use a colored pencil or disappearing marker to mark dots at the ends of the lines. Cut out around the template.

Remove the pattern and draw the two lines- connecting the dots.

Cut the lines  – sharp embroidery scissors or thread snips make this easy.

Using matching or contrasting embroidery thread (I’m using 2 strands of embroidery thread) insert your needle close to the edge at the center of the V shape. I used a tiny knot at the end of the thread and I’ll clip the tail super short.

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Fold the felt in half and make one little stitch and knot it. Stitch the seam to the point using whatever stitch you like. I’m using a simple whip stitch.

Knot the last stitch a the tip. You can call it a day right here or overstitch all the edges. I’m continuing with a simple whip stitch.

With the outer edges finished stitch around the arm slits.

Add a tiny button to one side and tie a length of embroidery thread tho the other.

the tiny doll (about 5 inches tall) on my worktable wearing the cloak.

She is ready for weather! And tending the goats on chilly mountain evenings. I hope you make a tiny cloak!


  1. Ann, this is fabulous!
    Felt is the simplest but this could be adapted for cotton and made reversible, just add seam allowances and either overcast the armholes or use some decorative stitching to diminish fraying. Or you can make a fabric binding if you want to get really fancy 🙂

  2. What a precious tiny cloak Ann! Okay, I’m finally ordering the tiny rag doll, she is adorable!! Where do you purchase your high quality felt, I’m thinking an online site?? Thanks always for your creativity & kindness, Laurie

    • Victoria

      I found some lovely wool felt at Snuggly Monkey! It will work perfectly for this!

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