customer and reader project gallery

This year we are celebrating the 16th!! anniversary of ann wood handmade with the charming, magical and imaginative work by customers and readers. I’ve added links to the maker wherever possible – check them out –  there are tons of links and you will find a pinterest level of rabbit hole fun exploring them. The mushroom below (little mushroom pattern) and gorgeous photo are by Trish.

projects made by customers and readers

You can find all the patterns for the projects below in the shop or on the free pattern page.

Crows by Gillian and Anni the wing details are fantastic!

Songbirds by Gabi, blue bird by Alexandra and colorful songbirds by Sue.

mushrooms by Sarah and Michelle

elegant rag dolls by Marilina

Frogs (find it on the free pattern page) by Barb and Cris.

little owls by Corrine, sheep garland (another free pattern) by Sarah, mr.socks by Kira,  lamb by Terry and merry wobbler by Heidi.

A parliment of owls bySandra, Gray owl by Elizabeth, and russet owl by Erin.

Doll camp site by Heather, tiny rag doll by Catherine, , another by Katie,  doll bed by Eve, more dolls by Rachel and a bundled up doll by Heatherandthepugs.

Two more from the free patterns –  many nice mice! by Katie and a darling parade of dancing hares by Jennifer.

Little birds! By Sandra -made from the very first sewing pattern.

Ask me what I care about, the answer is imagination. And there is always more. More to discover, more to create and more to share. I love seeing your interpretations and the worlds you create, it’s truly magic. Thanks for showing up here and spreading the word,



  1. Brenda Simoneau

    I would love to see patterns for the bulbs and flowers you sewed. Do you have them?

  2. I have asked you several times how else I could send you photos of the patters I’ve bought from U, since they could not be included here. You have never replied.

    • Hello Velia! Sorry to hear about this but Ann has always mentioned that you can email her your pics and she’s very present on Instagram. You can tag her there and she always shares on her stories. They’re a delight to see!

  3. Love your patterns and I have made several tiny rag dolls, but I haven’t got one of my own, I think I must rectify that! I do have a version of Mr Socks, though he is called Mr Fandango as he his a master of South American dances!

  4. Heather Smith

    Happy 16th Birthday! Thanks for sharing my doll camp, what a sweet surprise this morning. And what a fun project that was. Did you know that Victorian salt clay will stay good in the refrigerator for months. I think I made it 7 months ago. It’s still soft and pliable and isn’t moldy. Astonishing

  5. skeinster

    I’m not on social media, so I can’t post a photo, but I used the moon and some of the stars from your mobile as appliques on a night sky quilt I made for a new great-nephew.
    Random strips of dark blue fabric pieced together, interspersed with star quotes from a purchased panel and the appliques.
    They made the quilt, in my opinion.
    Thank you!

  6. Marilina

    Hi Ann. Thanks for sharing my Elegant rag dolls ❤️ Happy 16th birthday!!!

  7. Beautiful! It’s so amazing to see how different one pattern can turn out in the hands of different makers.

  8. Ann, don’t stop now! I just found you and your blog! Your Slow Stitch projects are terrific and inspiring.
    Love your great patterns, thank you.

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