1. Those spiders are so very elegant; my favorite has got to be Havisham spider. It’s amazing how you’ve made them look like they are moving!

  2. Thank you! Maybe they are moving…. Who knows what they’re up to when I’m not looking…..

  3. i can’t stop looking at the spiders. the most sophisticated spiders i’ve seen. amazing design.

  4. Those spiders crawling around and over the vase are simply amazing – you know that they’re only wire and fabric but…

  5. I’ve just discovered your site and I’ve fallen in love!. Those spiders and owls are positively gorgeous!

  6. So beautiful !!! I love the couple of birds, they are so classy and elegant ! And the owl, what a work !! I am really impressed !

  7. Oh, the funky … ever crafty adorable spiders are quite something! Ann Wood’s world is filled with fantasy, elegant craft and inspired air – thank you for sharing it!
    p.s. – Prospect park is a truly lovely area, I lived in Brooklyn for a few years before moving up north and loved every minute of it 🙂

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