a beast and a ballerina


silver ballerina

She is silvery. I feel like there should be a rule that if I get a little fabric bird to balance on her glittery toes I should be able to take the rest of the day off. But it doesn’t work that way. Today will be long and I’m making a big mess ( you can see a bit of it here) getting things finished and photographed for the shop.  You can join the mailing list or check back here if you’d like to know when new things are available.


  1. This bird is just a beauty ! I love it, it is fragile, thin, magical ! And the owl plays its role really seriously !
    What a talent you have !!!

  2. Ann,
    I always look forward to your postings. I did make a sailing ship for my little guy with his name on the sail. I used printable cloth for the sail. It is adorable. I love hearing about you and everything you make is amazing. Your apartment is every artist’s dream. I live in a filled 5 bedroom house with no place for me or much time! LOL keep posting!

  3. what a wonderful treat to have found your blog. your artwork is absolutely breathtaking.

  4. good job of the balancing on toes! I think artists always enjoy seeing one another’s messes, thanks for sharing.
    Your owl is wonderfully grand.

  5. I always love the owls – but, oh!, that enchanting prima ballerina bird – charming!

    I think you’ve inspired me to go mess up the studio with ballet ideas tomorrow!

  6. Gorgeous works, Ann! The owl and the ballerina are a great contrast and show how varied your skills are….and that balancing act is superb!

  7. What a beast….he made me gasp as he looks so mean (not quite as sinister as Chillingworth…brrrr but quite the devil none the less). What is it about these bad boys that we just can’t help falling in love with them! More owls to look at please x

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