merry and bright : last minute christmas trees for me and the mice

mouse house christmas party with make do tree

The question of their Christmas tree has been on my mind. What would the Admiral and Mrs. Croft do? Mice borrow and improvise and repurpose. Mice work with what they’ve got. Mice make do. I identify strongly with this.

norfolk pine tree decorated with paper snowflakes

I’m improvising too. I still have not un-storaged my Christmas stuff so I made a last minute tree with what I had and just a little time, some paper and wax paper snowflakes and a few super simple paper garlands. There was a little foil, tinsel and mylar involved too.

And technically there are two Christmas trees (not counting the mice tree). The little Norfolk pine is new this summer and it got a tiny bit decorated too. Pretty festive.

Wishing you a very happy Christmas,


  1. Beverly Mcanulty

    Thank you and Merry Christmas to you! Your post took me back to my childhood and one of my beloved books, The Borrowers.

  2. Wendy Abel

    Thanks for adding to our holiday cheer! Happy Holidays to you and yours.!

  3. It is beautiful, makes me want to take a deep breath and have a cup of tea! Blessings to you and your family.

  4. Linda Neumann

    Your newsletters always make me smile! Especially the one today! Thank you for sharing , I’m looking forward to making some critters myself soon.

  5. Denise Goulet

    So simple and ingeniously done. A healthy Merry Christmas and A New Year filled with creative ideas.

  6. Christine M

    Love your tree Ann and your room!!!!
    A Very Merry Christmas to you and yours and Best Wishes for 2022.

  7. Rosalind Healy

    I think the mice will have a wonderful time around their tree. Hoping you do too x

  8. Simple is the best. I love what you have done. Merry Christmas!!

  9. Chanel aynsley

    Loved your post . I don’t have any room for a tree so your idea is perfect for me. I will definitely enjoy making a tree just for me !
    Happi holiday to you and all of your followers!
    Can’t wait to see what you create in 2022!!!!

  10. Oh how cute! I love the mice and their tree.

    Merry CHRISTmas to one and all.

  11. Angela McElroy

    How lovely! Thank you for all the newsletters. I really look forward to them. Have a very merry Christmas and happy New Year! X

  12. Wishing you a merry holiday season Ann. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful talent with the world. Love the holiday mouse celebration and tree! I hope you have everything that you need!! also hoping that your business is thriving in these hard times. . . . Today I will get the shoe box out and decorate my little tree and deliver some little hand made gifts. Thanks for your inspiration:)) Cheers from Peggy in Madison Wi.

  13. Kelly Paquet

    Merry Christmas! I love that little mouse tree sitting in a spool! 🙂

  14. Stacy DeLong

    Both yours and the Mouse’s trees are lovely. Have a Wonderful and Gentle Holiday season <3

  15. le sager genevieve

    joyeux Noel de la France !!! j aime beaucoup ce que vous faites !
    de la part de genevieve!

  16. Thanks for sharing your Christmas and that of The Admiral and Mrs Croft- it is very cheering to see the festive decor all around. As ever, your blogs are a joy- keep up the great fabric ideas!
    Happy Christmas and a BETTER New Year to all.

  17. Marcy Mahle

    Love your tree and the sweet mice tree too. So cute. I love your newsletter and all the wonderful ideas and patterns. Always look forward to seeing your sometimes weekly surprises.

  18. Lisa Patricia Ballinger

    Sometimes what we put together makes Christmas seem more special. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Just wish to say thank you for all you share with us. Merry Christmas

  20. The Admiral and Mrs. know how to keep Christmas well, and so do you. Thanks for all the fun all year long!

  21. Linda Millard

    Merry Christmas generous Ann!
    Will raise a glass down under to you amongst our warm festivities as you enjoy your cold climes and Christmas sup .
    Joy to you .

  22. Perfect Ann….just what Christmas should be…simple and sweet.
    Your style is wonderful!
    Merry Christmas and thank you for sharing your world with us.

  23. We decorated our Norfolk Island pine again this year – mostly with felted or knitted ornaments that are very light weight. It makes a lovely tree, doesn’t it?
    Happy Holidays!

  24. Ellen Corke

    Merry Christmas Ann! You’re always a source of inspiration!

  25. Merry Christmas, Ann! Thank you for all the fun content throughout the year!

  26. Cindy Cooksey

    So fun to see how you decorate your house this time of year. Merry Christmas, Ann!

  27. Martha Smith

    As always I love your tree! All of your creations are magical. Merry Christmas.

  28. Judy A Klem

    Merry Christmas Ann! Love you newsletter and everything you share with all of us out here in cyberland. Have a wonderful and creative New Year.

  29. Merry Christmans to you Ann!
    From a ‘maker’ on Canada’s west coast.
    Thank you for all the ‘little things’…I love them so!

  30. Janet MacDonald

    How lovely your trees are! I like the wax paper snowflakes! I think the tree for the mice is festive, and cute! Thanks for sharing this! Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

    ~Janet in Canada

  31. Sharon Stanley

    I love that the mice are named after two of my fave Persuasion characters! The trees are grand❤️ Merry merry!

  32. Merry Christmas Ann, your sewing little critters is so endearing and inspiring. Last year I made the little chickens with dangly feet. What fun. I would like to try the beautiful wax paper snowflakes. Love the recipes you share as well. Thank you

  33. Merry Christmas Ann and also to all of yours! I look forward to seeing your beautiful emails, please keep it up. I love everything you create ❤️

  34. Frances Munroe

    Merry Christmas Ann, your emails and your work never fail to inspire and lift me up. Merry everything and happy 2022.

  35. Merry Christmas, thank you for a wonderful homemade year, your gifts all year long to show us your wonderful talent and your generosity in sharing it with so many, looking forward to a creative new year,

  36. Thank you. Love the little mouse tree and the whole set up is just adorable. Merry Christmas!

  37. A Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you Ann! Thank you so much for sharing all of your wonderful creativity. Stay safe!

  38. Denise Miller

    Lovely little trees. I know the mice love everything you do for them.

  39. Tammy Godwin

    Hi Ann,
    Is your work featured in “The New Artisans” book that I see on your coffee table? (If not it should be!!) wishing you a healthy and prosperous new year. Thank you for your lovely blog and photographs-I can’t tell you how much I enjoy visiting there!!

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