I love March.  Especially after a winter like this has been – and it’s not over – but the last couple days have been glorious.  The sun was out, the windows were open and I worked on  little birds this morning.

bird work

I finished the little group of  camper birds this afternoon and started photographing things for the shop.

camper birds

bird departure(after their official photo they went off to enjoy the day)

I got such a late start on photos I had very uneven light – I have found that a sheet of cheap drugstore white poster board makes a  very serviceable reflector.

poste board reflector

Checkout the difference with and without:

lamb shadow


(The birds and lambs will be in the shop tomorrow 3/12)

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  1. Your little birds have so much personality! I’m always amazed….and the lambs are as sweet as can be!

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