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For weeks and weeks I’ve been occupied with lots of the things necessary to keep a making things business afloat  and there hasn’t been much time for making things.  I’ve worked on web stuff, book keeping stuff, teaching stuff, designed some things and did some press stuff (some fun things coming in the spring) among other things. All good and important things but I miss my time, my hours and hours in my place making things. This week I finally got back to it and made this dastardly fellow out of one of my favorite ever Sri Threads treasures – a thick striped gray wool flannel- just enough for one bad tempered owl. gray_owl_2   Also made from Sri Textiles – a curious spider, her legs are hammered iron wire – I use a little anvil. spider coming Skittering away with her bustle in the air. spider going   sri specimens And new mushroom specimens – more of the signed and numbered edition. All these things and more will be in the shop in about a week- you can sign up for the mailing list if you’d like a notification. And I made a dress! My first ever – it’s a jumper / apron / pinafore / sort of affair. The older I get the more I dress like Holly Hobby and I’m OK with that – it’s contemporary Holly Hobby. It’s got pockets and french seams and I’m very proud of it -it was challenging and satisfying and I want to sew lots more clothes. I got the pattern here – there aren’t a lot of instructions  but I was able to figure it out and I found a tutorial on french seams here. apron dress


  1. It’s so YOU, Ann. And I can totally relate to the contentment of spending hours at a time in your own space, tinkering & creating. My favorite. It almost makes me glad for the darker, cooler weather.

  2. How I love to have quiet time to create too. How important this is for you. Glad you are sewing clothes. Such a satisfying thing to do. I love the mushrooms, spider and owl too! You give me the gift of inspiration.

  3. Hello
    Please do you have a tutorial and or pattern for your lovely mushrooms? I would love to attempt them. Thank you

  4. i love the things you do and the owl is brilliant. Can’t wait to see more

  5. Great stuff! You made my day. Now I wanna go make something fun (instead of mending the things that are waiting). The outfit is great — shame on you for strategically cutting your head off in the picture 🙂

  6. sallie a kane

    I agree with Suzanne, the shorter and cooler days are perfect for settling in to create. You have inspired me anew! Thank you Ann.

  7. I am currently studying for a degree in contemporary textiles in Blackburn England and your work is a huge inspiration to me. I discovered your work a few years ago while working on a papier mache project and immediately signed up for your emails, I love reading your blog!
    I am working on coming up with a proposal for this years major project and have referenced you in my ‘inspired by’ section, I hope you don’t mind.
    Today I am off to a jumble sale to scavenge for fabrics, I am from an area where cotton mills were big business up to about 60 years ago, and some real gems turn up as people clear out their clutter. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi, and wish you the best in your work – I hope you manage to find balance!!

  8. Oh I so know that feeling of being taken away from creativity by all the business stuff to do. It does feel so good when you get back into it. Loving your latest owl.

  9. […] ways, people that inspire me and make me happy with their softies. I adore the creations of Ann Wood, Mimi Kirchner and Mary Stanley. Mimi Kirchner who is a professional doll maker sells her own wool […]

  10. Reading your blog…love all of your birds and everything else also. Came across a picture of you, so nice to see your face again, its been a very long time.

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