I’m working on a large project, a collaboration that I can’t show you until January or there abouts – the photo below is of some of the many, many muslin drafts I make on the way to a new design.


This is the first time I’ve made something jointed and pose-able  (which these will be) and I came across something new to me and you might find it useful in your own projects: coolant hose.


Also known as The Best Stuff In The World if you’re making something pose-able or just need a flexible and reliable armature.  It’s made by a company in Taiwan called Jeton. According to their website they specialize in:  adjustable coolant hose, doll armature and doll eyes.  It’s quite a niche.  I purchased it through CR’s Crafts – I got the 3/16th inch coolant hose and the 8th inch doll armature ( it’s just like the hose but no hole. This stuff is easy to work with and holds its shape well. I purchased my joint hardware from C R’s Crafts as well – they have a huge selection right here.  If you buy cotter pin joints I recommend you get the tool – it makes bending the pins much easier.  The joint hardware is new to me too – and it’s giving me all sorts of ideas…. I  love new supplies.

I’m also working on several new patterns and the next is just about ready to go- I’m photographing the steps and beauty shots now – here’s a peek at the new and improved merry wobbler.

merry wobbler

wobbler nest

If you’d like an email when new patterns are released you can sign up here.



  1. I love the first picture. Your muslin drafts look like a bunch of frozen chickens or game hens. I can’t wait to see what the final result will look like. And thanks for pointing out the armature stuff. I’ve been on CR’s website but never noticed it.

  2. I can’t wait to make some merry wobblers. 3 ships are ready and waiting for the crew……

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  5. My goodness, I actually learned from here that there is a company that produces doll skeletons in our country. Thank you for sharing!

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