birds made from my pattern

I’ve collected a few images of birds made from my pattern to share- people have made wonderful, imaginative birds and taken fabulous photos:
becky's bird

 from Becky – “the stand off”

christina's bird

from Christina – Daisy Chain Creations


from Amanda – Hanging by a Thread – A snow scene!


In Dots – by Irene (love the tags)


from Karen- these are so sweet- checkout the satchel on the bird in the center

abby's bird

and a thoughtful little bird in the garden by  Abby Glassenberg!


  1. Karen Vohs

    I am the proud and excited recipient of the collection made by Amanda Barnes who is the owner of HANGING BY A THREAD. There is a beautiful blue one that goes with the group–made especially for my GrandGirl, Zori– my dearest friend and stupendously talented Amanda created the group as a gift for my Grands. They are winging their way Stateside as I type. I plan on an enormous SQUUUUEEEEEEEEE! when they arrive.

    I don’t know how to tell her, but, they may never make it to Colorado…I’m too enamoured with their cuteness, and may hang them here.

    Don’t tell her, okay?

  2. Love these birds! I am anxious to try one myself with the pattern I have from you.
    It was such an honor and so so much fun to learn from you at your Squam workshop! I have wonderful memories of that great weekend-

  3. They are all beautiful. Thank you for generously sharing the pattern. I’ll have to see if I have the patience to make a little bird; they are sweet inspiration.
    And congratulations on your Anthropology contract. One of my fav stores and now I will look for your creations there, too.

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