july is tiny rag doll month and sweet things made by customers

Pack up a few supplies, find a shady spot and spend a peaceful afternoon sewing. You will also need some lemonade and blueberries. Maybe bring some picnic bugs too, just to be nice.

tiny rag doll sewing patterns

Tiny rag dolls are great little projects to take with you.  And there are tons of free patterns and tutorials for her in The Miss Thistle Society. It’s such a deal – for example get the digital doll and wardrobe pattern and you’ve got  a doll, bloomers, a reversible pinafore, dress and camisole plus all the free patterns too. Hours and hours of fun.

The super sweet tiny dolls below are made by customers.  You can checkout lots more on instagram and share yours using #missthistlesociety and #annwoodpattern – there are tons of great ideas.

Links to the makers:

paper hen

PS – I hear you and a tiny chicken tutorial is coming soon – it’s super easy to make.


  1. Kay Lassiter Lewis

    Just bought a tiny doll kit. I am making it for my granddaughters this Christmas.

    • Cherie Wilson

      They will love this! I made 2 tiny rag dolls for my two tiny girl grands and Mr socks for the tiny boy grand last Christmas. Even though we live in the same town, I now will make a new outfit now and then and mail it to them in a regular envelope. Its been a fun thing during COVID19. Enjoy!!

      • Suzanne Manning

        Great idea! Kids love getting mail. (And so do I!)

  2. I moved states a few years ago. It’s both wondrous & exhausting. How fun to set up and studio area (once you get over the shock of unpacking). Best of luck, I can’t wait to see what the new view brings to your work.

  3. So excited for you and your new place, Ann, and especially your garden. I remember my first real garden — walking out my back door to pick parsley for dinner making was nothing short of miraculous! It still is!!! Best wishes…

  4. Dianne Rabkin

    Love all these. I have one I made with pink hair…she is so cute and I think she needs a swim suit modest of course for summer.
    Thanks Ann for all the great things you bring to us. They are just filled with so much love!

  5. Thank you for including my Bethella in such lovely company, Ann. I hope lots of people take advantage of your sale this month, because that will mean many more tiny rag dolls to fuel the revolution.

    I have to say that I paid full price for your tiny rag doll pattern shortly after you published it and it has been worth way more than I paid. I had been hounding your blog for news of its release and began stitching almost as soon as the file downloaded .

  6. Jeanne Leonard

    Wishing you the very best on your new life adventure in Connecticut. I must confess that I always loved seeing the corner of your apartment with the plants, boats and light through the window. However, your love of plants is so evident, that having a garden of your own must seem like heaven!

    My granddaughters love your little dolls and I so enjoy making them. You bring sooo much joy to all of us.

  7. Rosemary B

    Oooh I love the tiny dolls.
    Everyone made some beautiful sweet dollies

  8. Ann Ferguson

    Thank you for including my tiny Laura on your blog, in such esteemed company, Ann.
    Laura, Sox and I are stranded in Australia as a result of COVID19 after a short holiday in Korea in January. I usually live and work in China and am currently in a quandary about what to do next. Your moving experience has helped in my own process of transformation. I’m so glad I took my two tiny dolls on holiday because I continue to make for them, and hand sew little bits and pieces, even when my motivation is at a low ebb.
    Like Dawn said, I paid full price for my Tiny Rag Doll pattern, and all her accessories and friends, and have never regretted the outlay – minimum expense, maximum rewards, and hours upon hours of enjoyment, gifts, creativity.
    Good luck with your change of scene and thank you for sharing so much of yourself

  9. How brave of you to move during such tumultuous times! I’m not surprised you were feeling a bit disorganized and unfocused but hope this post means that you are moving toward a more settled feeling.


  10. Hi Ann, I just love all the things you’ve made. I first made my doll pattern & some clothes. Well I was on your website & was looking & decided to buy some of your patterns. I had some extra money & then I found out the patterns were on sale. Yippee! So I got to the doll pattern on paper so I haven’t recieved it yet. But I got the summer clothes & a coat, bag & hat both a download. They are so cool. I’m happy your happy in your move & you’ll bring some even more patterns & paintings etc. Thanks so much!

  11. Hi Ann…. thank you for your blog and all the free patterns! You’re an amazing person! I really loved the fact that I have found your blog because we have a lot in common . I love to create too! I live in Canada and thought about buying the tiny rag doll pattern but to sen it to me it will be kinda expensive due to taxes and fees. In the meantime I am using the free patterns! Thank you soo much. Maria

  12. Jan Trembley

    Dear Ann (and all),
    Have you ever read the childrens’ book, Miss Happiness and Miss Flower, by Rumer Godden? I’m in the throes of building a a 1/24 Japanese house from a kit but also wish to make five-inches rag Japanese girl/lady dolls as in the book. I ordered some plaster heads from Etsy. Could also make some from ceraplast. My main issue is how to make rag bodies and if I should use/try to find hands/arms and feet. I’m looking to make kimonos and such. I do have a book in Japanese (lol) but wondered if anyone else was off on this tangent. Bless you!

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