These were the last two birds to leave the shop, Ada and Margarita.


I’m working on new birds right now and they’ll be in the shop by next Monday, 10/2. There will also finally be ships for sale. I intended to put them up last week but work interfered, so sorry to anybody who inquired last week, it’s next Monday the second for sure. I’m working on some new ones and the others are hanging in the window at JOHNSON on Orchard St. this week to help celebrate the fifth anniversary of the shop. Mrs. Johnson and I hung them today. Here she is checkin it out.




  1. Ada and Margarita have arrived safely to thundering affection here in their new home, and to deafening cooing when I posted their lovelinesses in my journal today. Thank you again, so much.

  2. amen to that e!

    i just discovered your blog and your work seems so familiar…i love it! just wonderful.

  3. I love you work, I’m from NZ came across your site,
    WOW so inspirational, thank you

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