100 cardboard horses

My one hundred cardboard horses are done.

I started, I finished and it was harder and way more work than I expected. It was frequently inconvenient, but no matter how much I sometimes didn’t feel like making one, it got my hands and brain moving in some sort of creative way, and for me, like a lot of people who work for and mostly by themselves that can be half the battle. So I’m glad I did it, I’d do it again, and I’m glad it’s finished. 100 is enough cardboard horses. I’m still not sure exactly what to do with them, but I’ll figure it out in the next week or so. In a couple weeks I’ll get myself on a new self inflicted program of some sort.

horse #100 quilty

And here’s the whole group, in sections unfortunately, due to the hugeness, but you can click on the images for a larger view.

Update : You can make your own cardboard stampede with the templates and instructions here.


  1. Congratulations on completing 100 horses! What an amazing accomplishment. They are all truly beautiful.

  2. Congradulations! I think they look amazing all together like that. Please post if you show them in the city, it would be great to see them in person.

  3. They are fabulous, well done! Ummm you could sell them? If you could cope with splitting them up and parting with them?

  4. 100! wow, pretty amazing display.they are really lovely as a herd. there is so much movement in them. they remind me of cave paintings. what wonderful exercise.

  5. “its good, happy horses but don’t do that ever again” judah benjamin

  6. WOW! Congratulations, Ann – they are SO beautiful. I love the little movie, too, and it’s nice to hear your voice. Since you are never making a cardboard horse again, I now feel especially honored to have one!

  7. Warm congrats to you! I’ve been anticipating this post for some time… and I know you must have been too 🙂

    They’re really special and I think quilty is my fav. Though it’s near impossible to choose, they all so nice.

  8. congratulations! I would love to see a display like this from an artist at my local library…………

  9. Ann, what an accomplishment. I love that you disciplined yourself creatively to complete these, very inspiring. I think I love them best all together the way you have them, a blank wall is what you need now. Lovely, lovely.

    Will you be making 100 ships now? (please?? )

  10. What an achievement! And so wonderfully beautiful as well. Thank you again for letting us watch such an inspiring project unfold!

  11. Awsome horses! They are OUTSTANDING. They’re all beautiful, but something about the dapple grey on the middle right of the fourth photo really gets to me.

  12. they look so great all together. congratulations on following through and meeting your goal- it was worth it for us watching.

  13. These are incredibly lovely! Hope you don’t mind I posted about this, I’m always looking for projects to inspire me & my kids. Keeps life interesting!

  14. They’re stunning. Really. I am in awe. And how they all work together is amazing. Really. Amazing.

  15. Georgia Dorey

    WOW! amazing. Truly insperational, it makes me want to go and make a cardboard horse myself!

  16. Ann, words cannot express how beautiful your herd of cardboard horses is. Each with his or her own personality. Perhaps, when you are ready, you can sell them (on Etsy, maybe, so you can set a realistic price that reflects your effort), but do not split up the collection. The herd makes a very strong statement. If someone wants a single horse, he/she can commision one.

  17. i just found out about your work and i LOVE it! I love your ships (i’m a sucker for suspension too!) and your horses. you have a really original bent- something antiquey and elegant that alot of artists in the handmade style don’t have. thanks for sharing!

  18. I am so excited to find your horses – first in Google image – congratulations – they are superb…I am also working on an equine project here in the Loire valley of France – near Saumur – town of the Cadre Noir French cavalry …at the moment mine works are 3d in wire..maybe I shall tru Utube too now that I have found it to be so friendly

  19. Facinating!
    I have seen them in google image search when I was looking for a horse image.
    I loved them instantly, I saved as a picture but it was not enough. I got back where I find your picture later and find your blog.

    I adore your patience, your skill and your creativeness.
    You say you don’t know what to do with them now…
    If they are mine I would frame them(using non-reflective glass) exacly as you took the pictures of them for your blog.
    A herd of mesmerizing horses.
    A giant 3D art piece.

  20. Douglas W Rimmer

    I have been looking at your 100 Cardboard-Horses I think each one is a joy in it’s own right they make the most beautiful display and you should feel very proud of yourself. This art work is one of the nicest things I have seen for many years. Keep up the good work and lots of luck for the future. Sincerely Yours Doug.

  21. Awesome! im a HUGE horse fan, so i think there really kool. could you post the instructions on how to make the cardboard horses? id apritiate it! btw, the movie is good! better than anything i could make… XD

  22. Wow!…….how do you make one?……..didyou paint them,or did you color them? SWEEEEET!!!


    -ABBY W.

  24. These are amazingly beautiful! You are super talented, I really love your work!!! 🙂 xoxo

  25. I love your video.I found your website and I saw your 100 cardboard horses and I just love it!I have already made 9.:)

  26. I love your video.I found your website and I saw your 100 cardboard horses and I just love it!I have already made 9.I love how you named them!:)

  27. This is amazing work!! I love your horses and I don’t know if you want to sell them? I got a sister was born in horse year and I think it would be a fantastic present for her birthday. Please contact me by this email : uniformcreative@gmail.com. Thank you

  28. They are just beautiful, a truely amazing accomplishment. I think I’d like to make some for myself too! Thank you, you are truely inspiring and talented!

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