In the interest of generating some momentum and discipline, both of which I’m lacking a little lately, I’m beginning my blog in earnest . To start things off my plan is to make a cardboard horse everyday, monday – friday, first thing in the morning and post it ( and maybe some other stuff too). The horses are something I started a while ago and then slacked off on. They are little experiments intended to loosen me up, permission to try stuff, paralysis prevention. I’m going to make them until I have 100.

That’s the plan.

(I made 2 today, zeal of the newly converted)


Here are the others:


  1. Hi Ann,
    I’ve been working my way back through your horses to this first post about them and I think they are great. Well done on sticking with the discipline of it, I like the variety that it generates.

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  4. Hello they’re beautiful, Ann./ do you midn me askign how they were made? are the buttons just stuck on or is the idea to have moveable parts – like Jacobin clowns that use split pins?

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