indiscreet rag dolls, a colonel, two mischievous cats and expressive feet

The five day – doll every day challenge: I was great at starting them. Less great at finishing them.
They still aren’t done. I made the executive decision to go with “substantially, but not quite finished”.

naked rag doll : nora

Here is who turned up – the first was nora who you met last week. She didn’t get any happier but she did get more naked. I decided to give her all the lady details. She is a little smaller than the original immodest dolls and I also made a lot of progress toward turning her into a pattern.

naked rag doll : nora

A steady hearted Colonel. I like his turned out toes and expression – and I found a new way to make hair easily. I think I’d like him to be a sewing pattern too – what do you think?

steady hearted colonel doll

steady hearted colonel doll

rag doll : fancy stockings

rag doll : fancy stockings

Next – a lady with fancy stockings. Same pattern as nude nora. She and the Colonel both have expressive feet. I try to give everybody expressive feet.

rag dolls : expressive feet

mr. socks rag dollmr. socks : sewing pattern

And the last two were a mr. socks and a mrs. spots (find the sewing pattern here). I never get tired of making the mischievous little cats.

It was a good exercise for me.  My brain got moving again – I generated lots of ideas and found some energy. I made things I might not have otherwise – things I like. And containing projects in a day made me see more clearly how long things really take and how consistently I underestimate that. Still. The week ended up with too many things crammed into it- next time I do this I’ll clear some days completely.

I’ll put all the dolls above and a couple others in the shop next week. You can sign up here if you’d like an email when they are available.


PS – there are a few new paintings in the shop:



  1. Marcy Mahle

    I love all three dolls. I think both the lady and Col. should be made into patterns. They make a perfect match. I am seeing Historical couples. Really hoping you turn them both into patterns.

    • Yes, Yes! Please a pattern for the lovely lady doll!

      Love your work!

  2. These are wonderful!! Love reading about your thoughts and processes,,, a thumbs up for a pattern please!!!

  3. Louise in Australia

    Patterns sound a great idea – each one has potential for a unique personality! I am soon to be immobilized for a few weeks via foot surgery, so am preparing some pieces for hand sewing: cats, ladies, mushrooms, owls…..

  4. Kathy Partch

    I so look forward each week to your share of your creative journey. It feeds my soul. I LOVE your work! Thanks for making us a part of your process.

  5. Alexandra Macgregor

    Love them all….and patterns would be fabulous. The lady with the fancy stockings is looking very demure but I think she would like a garter in one leg! ☺️ She is a bit if a rebel at heart.

  6. The stockinged lady is making the Colonel’s steady heart skip a beat….I love them all!

  7. I would love to see a pattern for your ‘immodest’ dolls. They are so innately graceful and have such scope for the imagination.



  8. Chris Fuller

    The Lady and the Colonel as PDF patterns would be lovely. I rather admire your work and aspire to carve out the time for mine.

  9. Please, please offer patterns for your lady and gentleman dolls! I would love to make a pair of my own. I just finished one of your Little Owls (I will send you a photo tomorrow), and now starting on a Tiny Rag Doll…then Mr Socks, and a sailboat. I love your creations!

  10. bernice rubin

    hi Ann,
    your faces just keep getting better and better. love the lady with the textured stockings.
    have a good rest of summer.

  11. Velia Antila

    I love the way you had their hair attached to the head, had never seen anything like it. I have been in the doll making world for over 40 years. Are you familiar with Doll everything is made out of cloth.

  12. Would love love love patterns for your lady and gentleman dolls.

  13. Bought many patterns from Anne. They are so well designed and easy to understand, thank you Anne

  14. Esmerelda

    So sweet, it would be awesome if you could make them into patterns! I’ve been eyeing these to see if they ever have. Also love the paintings! Could you make a tutorial on how to make a very nice move living room?

  15. Esmerelda

    So sweet, it would be awesome if you could make them into patterns! I’ve been eyeing these to see if they ever have. Also love the paintings! Could you make a tutorial on how to make a very nice mice living room?

  16. I recently made the elegant rag doll and just love her (live all your patterns)! Did you ever make a pattern for the colonel? If so, I can’t find it and would love to have it.

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