front bustles, a frothy negligee, tiny medals of honor and other happy details

This is a long post – with lots of dolls in it.

soldier doll : coat

The details make me happy. The tiny details. Stitching the feathers and flourishes to his hat and the medals to his coat. I’ve been looking forward to those tiny medals since starting him. They are pretty much why I made him.

soldier rag doll

A note on his fancy hat – I’ve just learned it’s a Bicorne – that is what the Napoleon-ish hats are called. Now you know – in case it comes up.  Let’s talk about the coat. It has a real working, very tiny, button and button hole. It is my first. It might be my last. But I do love it. I am turning him into a sewing pattern and the coat will be included – it’s very easy to make.

soldier doll : coat

doll skirts with front bustles

And I sure do love a front bustle. It looks so pretty on the hem and reveals a scandalous amount of leg.rag dolls with secrets

I wonder what they talk about…….  Lots of progress was made this week on the rag doll pattern. I’m planning on including a basic body, a clever and easy hair method and options for stockings, underthings and a skirt and, of course, the nude option.

rag doll with black stockings

Speaking of nude, I made Nora a frothy negligee – so when she wanders the moors in the mist she is not quite so entirely naked.

rag doll in a frothy negligee

And finally dear mrs. spots. With lots of details, all her necessities. You can find more about how to make her wardrobe here.

mrs. spots wardrobe

mrs. spots doll


  1. Fantastic!!! I really wanted to make the nude doll and put a lovely negligee on here. Looking forward to the release of all the different patterns!!! have a wonderful weekend, take care from Iowa

  2. Jet Willems

    That bit of sock or whatever that serves the lefthand doll for hair would make a lovely african-american hairdo!
    …which introduces a ticklish subject….

    • I agree that makes very beautiful textured hair. I’ve always love love loved how she makes the hair. If I could learn that I might be able to make a nice doll. Wish I had her mad sewing skills for the clothes

  3. All are so wonderful! I love seeing and making the little details, too. The photo of the two ladies gossiping or daydreaming is so sweet. I’m looking forward to their patterns!

  4. They are all so wonderful! The Naval Gentleman looks straight out of Jane Austen. Could be one of her brothers: Captain Frank Austen or Captain Charles Austen 🙂



  5. Jennie Henzel

    Is there going to be a pattern for the Nora doll? They are all so beautiful.

  6. Your Sea Captain is wearing his bicorne athwartships. Give it a quarter turn, and he’d be wearing it fore and aft!

  7. I haven’t been able to find the location to purchase the pattern for Nora’s frothy negligee. Your work is wonderful … I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you!

  8. Ciao sono ana
    Mi piace un sacco il tuo sito fai delle cose fantastiche ma purtroppo non so l’inglese se mi potreste dare un aiutino come fare qualche ordine ne sarei grata

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