flea market report 1/06/08

A magnificent mini iron and trivet I got at at the park slope flea market yesterday.


And nice winter light here this afternoon.



  1. love the iron, trivet and beautiful photo
    i’ve been on the search for a beautiful old library cabinet like that…someday

  2. what a lovely treasure to unearth! 🙂 I love little things like that… they are just so pretty to display and marvel over. and the last photo is gorgeous–what a wonderful space!

  3. Lovely room! It seems like a magical atmosphere in which to create. I love the little iron trivet. Miniature items are becoming a passion for me. I just recently purchased a tiny little shoe that I adore.

    Thanks for sharing.


  4. love the delicate little iron… have you heated it up
    and ironed anything yet? it might take you a while…

  5. Bridget Kelly

    Hello Ann, I am a designer. I have recently created a new company called Whistle & Wink.
    I must have one of your ships for my boys room! tried to contact you through website- won’t go through.. Please contact me at my email address- which I left in the required field.

  6. Lovely iron!, I hate irons in general but this one is wonderful!!!!

  7. Hi. I’ve been enjoying your photos and I’ve just read that you’ve visited the Park Slope flea market in January. I’m coming to the US next weekend and had read that it was only open summer months?? But maybe not? Is it open on the weekends at the moment? Any help would be much appreciated! Would love to have a look around there. thank you. S

  8. Love your flea market find: the iron and trivit are adorable. I still have my iron I had as a little girl, I keep it in my laundry room on a shelf. It even gets warm !
    Your birds are adorable too. We feed the birds so I am a bird lover to begin with.
    I hope you got a good price on your iron too! I have seen them go for some hefty prices.
    Barb -New Hampshire

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