bird maker’s eye view


Due to a really unfortunate lack of heat (boiler broken since Sunday – being repaired right now) I’ve taken to my bed with the birds.


  1. oh no… i hope the boiler is fixed fast & you get nice & toasty.

    really looking forward to your new birds… keeping my eyes peeled! hope to get one of my very own!

  2. Stay warm. We lost our heat acouple of weeks ago. It is so nice when it is working again! Hope that you are warm and toasty soon. I am looking forward to seeing the new birds also.

  3. Awwww, so sorry about your boiler, but I must say, if one has to stay in bed, birds make the best bed-fellows around! What a chirping delight!!!

  4. Just wondering if we can get an update on the new birds?
    Can’t wait!!!

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