A box of vintage fabric scraps arrived yesterday and it’s fabulous stuff, much better than I expected. I immediately made a bird, emaline, out of my favorite piece- large roses on white satin. There was only a little bit but I hope I can squeeze one more bird out of it.

*shop update* It’s happening but not this week as planned. Sorry. I took on a last minute project so it got bumped yet again. I am giving a firm date and time though, the shop will update at noon on Tuesday the 6th. For sure.


  1. Adorable! I saw her earlier on Flickr. I use birds a lot in my work — who can resist them!

  2. hi! i just stumbled across your shop and blog today. too bad all the birds are sold out. they are absolutely lovely. your fabric choices are always right-on. looking forward to your future creations – a.

  3. wow ann, i just wanted to say a big thanks for my lovely emaline. i have been wanting one of your beautiful birds and now i smile every time i see her staring back at me.

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