creatures and dolls stitched by readers

It’s hard to choose what to share here, there is so much. And one of the ideas I have swirling around for this year is making it easier for you to share images with me and with each other.  It’s ambitious but I think it would be lovely to have our own community, a place for sharing what you make and ideas. And I think it adds to the charm of the patterns – you all come up with such sweet variations and details.  Does that idea appeal to you? You can let me know in the comments and I’ll keep you posted as I explore possibilities for that.

Checkout the reader made items below and you’ll also find some instagram feeds that I think will be right up your alley.

Love the color and fabric combinations in this songbird in progress by @summerkiser

*you can click the thumbnails for larger images


Elegant and sometimes nude dolls with lots of reader added details.  Made for the the elegant rag doll sewing pattern.

1. @rukodelie_vesnushki

2. and 3. @marilinalittlecraft

4. @angelamarry1

Sweet tiny rag dolls! Full outfitted for adventure. Made from the tiny rag doll pattern and some of the free miss thistle society patterns.

1. @little.village.time
2. @each.of.these

The last free project of the year was a big hit.  There are lots of little Rocky inspired owls in the world now. Made from the Owl Ornament Pattern

1. @cjasews

2. @catsinthecupboard

3. @paper_thread

Chickens! by @cote_jardin28 I love the garland! Made from the minimalist chicken pattern.

I Love this songbird’s attitude and body language. It’s got lots of birdness. Made by @erinsloanprints  from the Songbird Sewing Pattern.

So dastardly! These ill tempered owls are by @erinpcf using the Dastardly Owl Pattern.

Dear Mr. Socks! All bundled up. The sweet coat is made from this free pattern.

1. @everbelles

2. @terrywilsonnecco

There are so many great things to see. You can checkout #annwoodpattern and #missthistlesociety  on instagram for more.

And please let me know what you think about making a community here- is it redundant? Does it sound interesting to you?


  1. Pat Turner

    Love the idea of a community. It’s always nice to see what others are up to, an inspiration when stuck in a rut. I have the Songbird and Dastardly Owl patterns, made one of each and then stopped. Seeing the pictures above has sparked a renewed interest in making a few more. Thank you.

    • Hi Pat, Thanks and yes – I do think it’s inspiring to see how people interpret the patterns. Stay tuned for more on the community – I’m working on it as we speak.

  2. I love the idea of a community for sharing things made from your patterns too. We do have a Tiny Rag Doll Nation community on Ravelry that has been going strong for over a year now with many, many dolls shared and lots of fun had. I’ll put the URL as my website.

  3. Love the idea of a sharing community! I would join in too! Thanks so much, Ann Wood!

  4. Love the idea of community that does not involve instagram, facebook or pinterest. It would be awesome.

  5. I love seeing what everyone is making and think creating a community is a great idea!

  6. I have the owl pattern, so desperate to start on it but I have not had the time, I need an abracadabra moment to turn 24hrs into 48! I make endless lists which are supposed to help with my time management …I need to manage these better heading into 2021 then maybe an Owl will materialise and I can show my Mr Dastardly in the newly created community

  7. yes, definitely would love that! making another tiny rag doll now, I’m inspired (:

  8. I love this idea. I love to see what other creatives are making. I have tried many of your patterns and have loved every one. Up next is your Elegant Doll pattern. I get inspired by your and others work. Thank you for including the little kitty I made from your pattern. I’m honored.

  9. Toni Fisher

    Yes, I love the community idea!
    One idea leads to another and stimulates the imagination.
    I’m looking forward to seeing everyone else’s creations.

  10. Yes, I love to see other folks projects! …but I haven’t been on Facebook for at least 6 months. Had to visit last week and was rememinded why I avoid it. Ugh.

  11. Gerti van Ierssel

    I love the community idea! It’s so inspiring!!
    It makes me happy to see what others are making.
    I can join from the Netherlands, yeah!

  12. Sheryl Drenth

    I like the idea…
    I am currently obsessed with the ‘fish’. I have been working on them every evening and they have gone to many friends!

    • Fantastic – such a sweet little gift. I’m making some with lavender.

  13. Kim Shepherd

    I would love a community. It’s always fascinating to see what others do with patterns and ideas. Very inspiring.

  14. That sounds like a wonderful idea that will be full of inspiration!

  15. I’d love to see a community! Your patterns are so inspiring that it would be great to see how others have interpreted them!

  16. Megan Wallace

    Many artists who create patterns have their own makers’ group. I think it’s a great idea but I can’t really make a suggestion about hosting it except to try doing it on your own website. There’s too much politics on social media platforms these days to be able to find one that everyone will use, and some of the older ones are becoming obsolete as the developers abandon them. I also firmly believe that one should be in control of your own database.
    You’re using WordPress for your site. Have a look at MemberPress or BuddyPress.

  17. Stitching. It brings people together!
    Like others, I would be interested in a non-Facebook/Instagram etc. community of sewists who find joy and inspiration in your work.
    And, if it happens, I would not take for granted the time that it takes to bring something like this together (in or out of bed). Thank you! -teri

  18. I would also be interested in a non-Facebook/Instagram community of sewists! Thank you.

    P.S. Busy using little owl pattern to make an irruption of snowy owls!

  19. I like the idea ! It would be great !
    A non-Facebook/Instagram etc. community…
    Thank you for asking and for your patterns too. I already sewed many tiny dolls, it’s great pattern !

  20. Linda Millard

    Dear Ann
    Thank you for your constant sharing and inspiration! A community of sharing sounds lovely . I too like many do much ‘hopeful dreaming ‘ yet my hands are finding it hard to get to their fulfilment!
    So enjoy opening your mail here Down Under . Happy 1 st of Feb to you and your community , keep safe everyone.

  21. Marilina

    Amazing idea! Thank you for sharing my Elegant Rag Dolls❤️

  22. I have a couple of the tiny rag dolls in my purse, to work on when I find myself waiting in my vehicle or otherwise with time on my hands. I made up a tiny stitching kit that can stay in my purse and be available at all times to keep my hands and mind occupied. There are also a pair of finished dolls who live in a tin in there as well. Do you find yourself making up stories and adventures for the dolls that you stitch? I hope that I’m not the only one who does that, LOL! These little people take on a whole world of imagination and are essential to peace of mind. so glad you created the pattern and that I bought it. Keep up the incredible creativity!

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