cozy sewing and in case of emergency paper mache

tiny doll work

There is nothing wrong with sewing in bed. As long as it is your choice and pins and things are kept track of. I don’t do it often but on a cold snowy day it’s irresistible, the perfect place for sewing tiny things. Plus I got dressed which makes it even more OK. Not exactly going out dressed, more day appropriate lounge wear, but still.

tiny doll workfind the tiny rag doll sewing pattern here

I’m working on small things, mischievous cats, tiny ladies, bundled up birds and lamb folk among them.  The lambs are made using the mr. socks sewing pattern with modifications you can find here. Some of these things will be in the shop tomorrow (if you are on the list for new artwork you’ll get an email).

tiny pants

lamb dolls

lamb rag doll

lamb in pants

I sure do love a lamb in pants

paper mache ship on my work table

I’ve also been making some paper mache progress.  Paper mache is good for busting out of stuckness. The paralysis and not knowing what to do that creeps in when there is too much to do. When my brain rebels and just won’t work properly.  Paper mache has a magic effect. It does not require much thinking activity and progress is immediately apparent. Those little pieces of paper becoming something else.  That part is satisfying and just getting my hands moving get’s my wheels turning again.

paper mache ship work

I always do all the edges first, using the littlest pieces of paper to negotiate the smalls curves. Once the edges are done the filling in takes no time.  Each complete layer, the brown paper followed by the news print, take less than an hour to complete. These ships are all made from the paper mache ship pattern collection. I did modify the sides of the large ship. I do almost every time I make one, I like to experiment with the shape. This time I made it higher in the back and lower on the sides at the middle.

paper mache boat ornament

This little boat is made from the free boat ornament tutorial you can find here.  My plan is to finish all the ships and boats this weekend.  And to festoon the Christmas Tree (my beloved norfolk pine). I’ll show you next week.




  1. Love your work, Ann…Interesting about the freedom aspects of paper mache…and I must say that the Christmas tree with a patch just touched my heart…

    • Hi Nancy and thanks so much. I love that forlorn little tree too.

  2. This sounds like the perfect way to spend a day – all cozy and snuggly and creating. I cannot wait to see your tree!

  3. Judith Ballard

    Your creations always give a lift to my heart. So lovely. What great pics of you bed sewing – not sure if bed would be ideal for papier mache. Lol

  4. I will have to try sewing in bed. It sounds delightful. Also have started some sail ships from your free pattern. I must say I find paper mache very satisfying. Can’t wait to finish them. thank you for sharing the pattern and tutorial. Can’t wait to see your tree. Merry Christmas.

  5. I love the sheep must look for him online
    My tiny doll pattern came to the uk super fast thank you.
    I usually HAVE to make in bed( health) and it’s not that bad. The biggest is problem is when two dogs and five cats want to help

  6. Oh, Anne! Everything looks so sweet! I love your tiny sewing!
    Thank you again for your free pattern for the Woebegone Trees! I’ve made a couple, but seeing the one you are stitching today, I need to make another even smaller than the patterns …… just sooooo cute!
    Thank you for the lovely pictures ….. everything looks great – tree, sheep, and boats! Just wonderful!
    Hope you are enjoying the Season!
    Bestest wishes!
    Barbara xx

  7. My husband would disagree about sewing in bed. I try really hard to keep track of all the needles and things but I’m not always perfect about it. Oops. Sorry! How did THAT get under your pillow??!!?

  8. Hi, I wish i lived near you…you are so clever! Yes, sewing saves the emotions, gives hope and in wanting to improve…pintrest brought your treasures. Don’t stop!

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