bird work : piratizing with ease and precision

fortuny pirate birds

I still make birds! And they still like to dress up like pirates (find the sewing pattern to make your own here). I’m particular about eye patch placement and I also like to make sure they stay in place, the little string especially. The patch is made from black card stock with glitter because they are those sort of pirates, the glittery eyepatch sort.  I use embroidery thread for the string and I sew it in place before gluing on the patch.

fortuny pirate birds

Start at the back and leave an end hanging. Make a tiny stitch at the back of the head.

Make another anchoring stitch at the temple and again where you will place the patch.

Finally come around to the back and knot again where you started.  Glue the patch on and wrap floral tape around to hold it firmly place while the glue dries.

fortuny pirate bird

fortuny pirates

Hello Pirates!

Try this:

very nice mice : free sewing pattern      little boat ornament

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  1. Hi Ann, Curious about what are those fabric samples there on your picture,vintage? Love the birds!!

  2. Dreama Kattenbraker

    Your work is magical and brings joy to all when it is most needed. Of course the pirate birds wear sparkly eye patches! Love how you think and the fruit of your ideas! Thank you, Ann Wood for uplifting spirits in wonder.

  3. São lindos…
    Obrigada por compartilhar o que tu sabe!!!
    Vida longa para o teu trabalho!!

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