cats in pants and other lovely things made by customers

mr. socks pirate by melaniemeet gustav! by Melanie

You get at least 2 levels of awesomeness from this post: links to makers I think you’ll love (click the images to find the maker) and ideas for little gifts. I love seeing what you make from my patterns, your details and your stories, I love that these things are in the world, cats in pants, woebegone pines, enchanted mushrooms etc…

cat dolls in pants by kira

The mischievous fellows above are made from the mr. socks pattern and free little pants pattern.

The trees are made from the woebegone pines pattern. I love whole the table!

realistic bird sewing pattern

And I love that they are very often gifts. Handmade gifts that surprise and delight. The songbird pattern is breaking records in that department. Also – FYI – I am a big fan of cottage industry and selling things you make from my patterns is not only OK but encouraged. If you do sell stuff I so appreciate if you let people know where you got the pattern.

bird sewing pattern

fabric bird sewing pattern

mushroom sewing pattern

mouse and mushroom sewing patterns

Find the mouse pattern here and the mushroom pattern here.

riny rag doll nation

tiny rag doll sewing pattern


The world’s tiny doll population grows every single day.  

And there are lots of free patterns for tiny doll accessories. checkout the miss thistle society collection for those.
clothespin doll bed diy

tiny doll sewing pattern

clothespin_doll bed

There is lots more to see – check out  #missthistlesociety and #annwoodpattern for more.

Also in the little gifts department I’m making you something!  Look for a free diy and template for this little paper swan treat box next week.

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  1. pat bleecher

    Love the newsletter. Thank you so much for taking the time to put it together. Inspirational!

  2. I just shared the tiny doll pattern with the needlework club at our local high school. (How cool is it that there is such a club?). I can’t wait to see what they create and I’ll be sure to share.


    As ever really inspirational. I keep all of your newsletters and revisit them often, like old friends.
    Thank you for sharing and giving me the confidence e to have a go!

  4. Thank you for your wonderful creations and gifts to the world. They bring lightness and joy!

  5. I so much enjoy your newsletter. The mushrooms I made from your patterns were a big hit In my local shop and sold out! I added your website and credit to the back of each tag….so much fun to make!

  6. Marilee Reyes

    You work is always a delight. I think you should write a book about Miss Thistle and her friends.

  7. How wonderful to see my circle of little dolls on your blog post. This circle has since increased significantly! I have been really enjoying making them, and your blog and wonderful patterns are a great source of inspiration. Thank you.

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