boat work and a bat


I finally turned out another bat ( I’ve just added it to the shop).  It’s made from beautiful plum kimono silk (courtesy of Stephen Szczepanek). Some of the patching and mending is mine and other stitches are from other hands a long time ago.

plum bat

I’m  also working on new boats  (with merry wobbler passengers)  and  lots of other stuff too.  I’m adding new things to the shop every day this week.

wobblers and boats


  1. Ann, Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful eye candy in my email!! Been kind of stuck in a creative rut then got your email and remembered I had downloaded your running horses patterns. Decided to translate them to fabric and I am hooked! Making them as Christmas ornaments for my tree. I’ll have to send you one!
    Thanks for sharing your gift! I am sure you have inspired many to create!!!!

  2. this is beautiful, and sooo pretty, awesome pict too.
    It’s making me smile!!!;-D
    i have a friend that loves bats and i think i must make a bat for her birthday, thank you for sharing this ;-D

  3. You have a copy of “The Lonely Doll?” Oh my gosh, you are truly an artist! (innate) That book (series) is my childhood favorite, then when in art school I realized the impact the book(s) had on my life and work, when fellow classmates referenced the same book(s) I knew her readers were in a special category. Go you!

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