1. Ann, Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful eye candy in my email!! Been kind of stuck in a creative rut then got your email and remembered I had downloaded your running horses patterns. Decided to translate them to fabric and I am hooked! Making them as Christmas ornaments for my tree. I’ll have to send you one!
    Thanks for sharing your gift! I am sure you have inspired many to create!!!!

  2. this is beautiful, and sooo pretty, awesome pict too.
    It’s making me smile!!!;-D
    i have a friend that loves bats and i think i must make a bat for her birthday, thank you for sharing this ;-D

  3. What a beautiful bat. I love the way you’ve put lace underneath, and the patched fabric too!

  4. You’re definitely the best. I can’t wait to see what you’ve been cooking up when I get the email alert. Always keep up the great work!

  5. You have a copy of “The Lonely Doll?” Oh my gosh, you are truly an artist! (innate) That book (series) is my childhood favorite, then when in art school I realized the impact the book(s) had on my life and work, when fellow classmates referenced the same book(s) I knew her readers were in a special category. Go you!

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