autumnal owl

hand stitched owl

Find the pattern to make your own dastardly owl here.

I’ve been saving the buttons for his eyes ( I only have 2)  for 3 years.  I started putting fabric aside for him  about a year ago – bits of quilts and blankets, a tiny piece of threadbare  russet velvet from a crazy quilt and linings from several garments. And just lately I found the last thing I needed, the heavy  dark brown cotton his body is made from, lining an antique walking skirt.  I’m hoping to finish him today.



  1. Just wanted to say how beautiful I think your work is,from somebody who also makes things and appreciates the time and dedication involved.
    Best wishes,

  2. Your birds are so beautiful, your owls just magnificent, after waiting so long to find the perfect pieces and making them with such love, how do you part with them ?!

  3. Simply incredible! I love your owls and I should have realized that you too covet items for future use, knowing in your minds eye the perfect need for them! Looking forward to seeing more creations in the future!

  4. I have a hard time parting with them Celeste – but that’s the price of being able to spend so much time doing things I really love. It keeps me moving forward too.

  5. the components you have been saving sound like they were meant just for this autumn owl. so exquisite.

  6. Those eyes! Over thirty years ago I was allowed into (long story) a dilapidated shop in Virginia. The elderly owner showed me buttons (what I was seeking) and I found a card of similar buttons…French. The cost was very dear but I eventually put them on an Italian knit coat…perfect.

  7. Your owls are exquisite. I love each and every one of them. They all have their own unique personality which has to do with the materials you use.

  8. Grey Walker

    Incidentally, I can never afford one of your owls, but I love them passionately. If you made greeting cards or prints of your photos of them, I’d buy them!

  9. Thanks so much- and yes he has a name. He is a favorite character form a Hardy novel I’ve been wanting to make for a very long time.

  10. Looks wonderful. I have been wanting to get one of your owls for months, but I never manage to get in on time before they sell out. Hopefully I’ll have more luck this time :0

  11. What a treasure owl! I love your art, and love the selections of treasures you add to each one! I know it is hard to sell them after so much thought,saving,planning, and work, but know that they are so appreciated for all the details that no one does like you.I wish I could buy some of everything!They are so special!

  12. what a gorgious looking fellow!

    by the way, did you read my comment in your previous post?

  13. This guy might just be my favorite yet. They all have such character to them…

  14. dear ann, i love love love ur works! *feel like hugging u with all ur birdies & ur lovely vintage fabrics*–over reacted mode on*
    they just look lovely, lively and dreamy :X :X

  15. LOVE him! How precious and what a great talent you have. I love the primitive look about him, but he still looks like fine art at the same time.

  16. Amazing what a pretty birds and this autumnal owl wonderful. I’m inspired and I also made an attempt.
    Wish you a nice weekend, Shanti

  17. What a stunning regal bird. I can only imagine the wisdom he contains. Congratulations!

  18. He is wickedly awesome! What a great work, Ann. As to the materials, often times the best creations need the right time, and it may be quite some time 🙂
    Bravo, truly inspirational!

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