I visited the Fortuny showroom earlier this week to talk with Mickey Riad ( creative director) about creating some of my  creatures with Fortuny fabrics. I think it ‘s a fabulous idea and I’m looking forward to experimenting. We talked about bats and spiders and owls  and maybe some new things inspired by the exquisite patterns and colors as well as the history.

Like the fabrics, the  new showroom in the D and D building is almost overwhelmingly beautiful.  I took a couple photos but they don’t do it justice – you can see much more here and on the Fortuny blog.



I’m excited about the possibilities and I’ll share progress photos with you when  I get started.

P.S. –  You’ll find the green bustled spider  crawling among the bolts of glorious fabric  in the first photo here.


  1. How fun to see all the Fortuny fabric – that would make some beautiful little animals and maybe a gondola-like ship, too!

  2. I found your blog by searching the web!
    I take care of a little owl who was neglegted by previous owners..that’s why I love owls so much and I fell in love with your owls immediatly!
    I would love to make one myself, do you sell your patterns?

    can I please post about you and your owls on my blog?
    with you name and link back to your blog ofcourse?
    Please let me know what you think?
    you can find me here;

    photo’s of my little owl you can find here;

  3. ah, I lived in Venice in 2005 and I went often to see the Fortuny textile showrooms. Beautiful. They’ll suit your work well.

  4. oh, that sounds fantastic! i’ve been in love with the work of fortuny since reading of him and his studio in a book several years ago. the older pieces are magnificent from what i’ve seen, but to acquire one would probably need luck from the gods.

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