bats and perseverance

bat work

I have been bothered by bats for a very long time.  They were one of my first stitched creatures. I love them but vowed to never make another.  The process was brutal on my hands and had a high late stage failure rate.  And they took an outrageous amount of time.  But I love them, I love their shape, their curves and the way that shape seems to change as they twirl in the breeze and the lovely shadows they cast.

stitched bat

So lately I started from scratch – a whole new method of constructing them.  There have been several dismal failures but in the past week I’ve landed on something good -. It’s much easier hand-wise and the result is reliable and consistent.  It still takes forever. Not as bad as the original bats but still problematic.  I’m not sure I can get to a place where I can produce them with any efficiency but I’m not done trying.

stitched bat

edwardian bat


  1. The bats are wonderful, I can’t imagine them being, well, you know, any more bat- like. Their bat-like-nesses are realistic enough to make me want to duck and cover my head!

    They are, seriously, terrific!

  2. Lovely bats, one of my favorite creatures. Will there be a pattern?

  3. Barbara K

    Love! The bats and the ants; I would absolutely buy the patterns, they are wonderful.

  4. lyn stewart

    I so agree with the above. they have been and continue to be my favorite. Please continue with your construction research as your many fans will be thrilled when they are available.
    A forever fan.

  5. Christina

    There’s a lovely story called Bella Luna. A young bat and her mother get separated and Bella befriends some birds. It’s a happy story really, in the end. Very good message for our young ones. I still enjoy reading it to my granddaughter. We absolutely live bats and how clever they are.

  6. These are wonderful!! I think the perseverance has paid off!

  7. Caroline Shepherd

    Your bats are lovely….I would love to know how you made the wing shapes….did you use wire?…thank you for sharing your unique creations! xx

  8. Fran Boydell

    I live in a very ‘batty’ neighbourhood and not only see them flying over but see them folded up asleep in a tree ( hundreds of them) during the day. They look like pendulous fruit. I love your bats. Do they fold and hang?

  9. Yes yes, please put these wonderful bats into a pattern. I’d be first in line to purchase.

  10. if you make a pattern, i will be in line along with everyone else, to buy! love Love LOVE it.

  11. Theresa Hartigan

    Oh, please, please, please make a bat pattern!!!
    It’s pretty obvious there are other bat” freaks” like me. I have a bat tattoo.
    Hopefully will hear about one soon! Love all of your patterns!!

  12. Katia Murcia

    Please please! Are you realising any pattern soon! Would love the bats!

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