a paper ship installation and other notes from the forest

paper boats in a basket

It was a pretty cozy situation, hanging out by the fire watching paper vessels turn in the breeze. And that’s what I wanted to make. A cozy situation, a daydreaming place for anybody who chose to partake. A situation I think Mr. Roger’s would approve of. That is my barometer for lots of things – “what would Mr. Rogers think of this? What would Mr. Rogers do about this?” It never steers me wrong.

paper ships hung in a library(photo by awesome @bailey.b.raha)

And the world needs more paper ships. This is my firm belief. I made lots of paper ships and boats over the last couple months to bring to the Squam Art Retreat. I hung an installation of them in the sweet little library, it’s my favorite room at the camp.

paper ship and boat installation

The smaller boats are quick and easy to make and I’ve made you a tutorial and templates for making your own. You can find that right here. And I’m teaching the larger ships in a workshop in October.

squam lake

squam art tote bag

I love the retreat and I love that giant forest and I made the artwork for the tote bag this year! So happy with how it turned out.

tiny rag doll under a mushroom

embroidered felt doll jacket


And it was an exceptionally good year for mushrooms at Squam Lake. Big colorful mushrooms kept popping up all over the place. This one was just right for sheltering a tiny lady. You can find the free pattern for her little jacket and hat right here. Bundle up somebody little. It comes in Mr. socks size too.

mr. socks dolls

Speaking of that mischievous cat I ran into some of the Socks cousin’s on a path, it was a happy meeting for everybody. You just never know who you might meet. As usual I was so busy being in the forest I hardly took any photos but you can find more images from the Squam Art Retreat right here.

owl sewing pattern booklet

In other news : The Owl Booklet starts shipping today! It turned out even better than I expected and I’m excited for you to get it. Thanks so much to everybody who pre-ordered. The first printing is just about sold out and there are more on the way.

owl sewing pattern booklet


  1. I love the ships. I plan to make some and hang them in my “ocean themed” bathroom! Thank you for sharing such sweet things!

  2. Hello Ann,
    The Socks cousins were thrilled that Mr. Socks recognized them from last year and loved having their pictures taken with him….again! I do not know how I missed your 2016 post “make a ship for mr. socks” but I will certainly be making one or two of them along with a variety of your beautiful paper ships. Such fun and many thanks for your continued generosity.

  3. Ann,
    Thank you for making the world just a little more better…..and yes Mr. Roger’s would definitely approve! He’s especially dear isn’t he? Have a sweet day dear Ann!

  4. laura mccullough delorme


    I would love love love love love to do a scrap swap with someone! My email should come through to you with my comment!

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