a caption contest – win your very own fortuny seed pod

fortuny rat

Update 8/4 : Thanks so much for all the great captions for last weeks contest! The winner is:

“Left, right, cha, cha, cha! One, two, cha, cha, cha!”

I love the idea of  him practicing his dance steps with the mirror – nice work Lourdes!


I’m working on mostly top secret things right now – holiday stuff,  2 brand new workshops for next year and the tedious parts – formatting, editing etc. – of creating the rag doll and seed pod patterns.  Since I can’t show you what’s on my work table it’s the perfect time for a caption contest.

I try to make creatures whose expression and body language imply a history – a definite point of view,  a world of their own.  And I like to photograph them in a way that invites you to wonder what’s going on outside the frame.  This is one of my most favorite photos – taken last year in the Adirondacks.  What do you think this dapper rat is up to? What’s on his rat mind?

Make up a caption and leave it in the comments to this post – an esteemed panel of judges will choose a winner to be announced next Thursday.  Everybody is welcome to enter – please leave your caption comment before Wednesday 8/3.

And the prize – a Fortuny seed pod! Such a tragic flower – gone to seed – collapsed in a pretty heap.

fortuny seed pod

fortuny seed pod


  1. Mary Lewis

    be vewy vewy quiet…..i’m hunting cheese…..

  2. Caption: Wistfull Mr Alphie Rat wishes his family was with him in this lovely new home. He will send for them soon!

  3. Slowly I turned … step by step … inch by inch …

  4. Karen Holmes

    Oh dear! Where did I put my top hat and cravat??

  5. Wendy Murley

    If I tiptoe quietly…….Oh drat I think they have seen me! Time to play statues.

  6. Greetings! This is your intrepid adventurer, Raticus Secundus, seeker of the precious and worthy Fortuny Seed Pod the source of all wonder and mystery, reporting on this first day of our most glorious expedition.

  7. ….and all through the house, the rat was stirring, but not the mouse.

  8. (Spoken with a British accent)
    Oh dear me….I seem to have gotten some seeds stuck to my tummy while I was out blowing sweet dandelion puffs in the afternoon sun. No matter, I will just brush them under the heater and no one will ever know they are there. Squeak! squeak!

  9. Marilyn Keane

    A momentary pause in a momentous journey … but why?

  10. Buddy McRatticus slips quietly through the window and tiptoes to his room hoping against all hope that Father McRatticus doesn’t notice the tripped trap outside.

  11. As the rat emerged from his den behind the radiator he caught himself in the mirror for the first time. There he realized his self-worth, seeing his fur made of Fortuny, giving him the courage to stand upright.

  12. What? I like to dress up a bit when it’s my night for house patrol. Is that such a crime?

  13. Left, right, cha, cha, cha! One, two, cha, cha, cha!

  14. He heard the cat was away, but he had to be sure…

  15. Barbara Dodds

    I seem to have backed myself into a corner!

  16. I was hoping to meet the dust bunnies here. I was told they have all the fun!


    As the music played, Dapper shouted, ” Come on lets vogue! Just use your imagination!”

  18. Patricia Q

    You can’t see me…I’m in my Invisible Tripod Pose!

  19. Patricia Q

    Ha! You can’t see me…I’m in my Invisible Tripod Pose!

    • Patricia Q

      Had to add the “Ha!”…forgot he has a bit of an attitude!

  20. Yeah yeah, I know, never fall asleep in the sun under a drainage grill. You told me that last time. Now where’d you put the aloe?

  21. Carlene Williams

    Curiouser and curiouser, is that white stilton gold? Oh my, oh my…

  22. Sandra McFarland

    “I’m not smug, I’m just full-ish”.

  23. Patty LaLa

    Hey, does this fabric make my butt look big…..what are you laughing at? That’s it, my butt does look big… Oh Sadness….

  24. Amelia McIntyre

    This Dapper Rat, one Bartholemew P. Wode is waiting for his Buttler to help him dress. He stands ready to be dressed for a night on the town, white vest and bow tie and a set of tails. He is thinking about his brushed silk hat that will roguishly tip over one eye. Which cane to take? The one with the malachite set handle or the silver topped one? What colour handkerchief to peek from his breast pocket?.Oh the decisions a young dapper rat has to make!

  25. “So I thought I’d be the master of disguise and wear something to match the wallpaper! Perhaps the Miss of the house won’t notice me as I slip in for a midnight snack!”

  26. Sammy hummed “I gotta be me” while looking for the Pack, Frank, Dean and Joey.

  27. …….oh great!!! The cat’s away and now this mouse is going to play…….

  28. Margaret

    “Now’s my chance,heh,heh,heh!” Love this conniving rat..love him.

  29. Nancy Johhnston

    “Step on a crack, break your mother’s back!….Oh my, I’m ever so clumsy!”Charles thought to himself.

  30. Katherine G

    “Put on your red shoes and dance the blues”

  31. So sad ! One of my friends hit the dust, he ate all the cheese on that stupid mouse trap ! He should have asked me first !!!

  32. Dara DiMagno

    It’s a perfectly rainy day. I had hoped to play “drowned rat” in the puddles with all the fellows. Mother however had other plans for me. She was anxious to try out her new knitting needles so guess who had to hold the yarn? Oh my aching paws!!

  33. Diane IGNATOWITZ

    I spy some cheese crumbs and I will tip toe to the prize.

  34. Harriet Wharton

    Do you think I can make it without being caught?

  35. Kristi Shreenan

    RATS! I missed the last episode of Downton, and my cousin had a cheesy bit part in the pantry!

  36. Lynn Nunn

    Mr Rata-to-he , practicing his famous dance steps on the dance floor.

  37. Ann Williams

    RATS!! I thought I could sneak by! Well, how’s everyone doing today? ( smile and wink)

  38. careful……careful…….. topweight to the left ……and a little to the right…… and…. YEP….. I can manage this. I can stand up at two legs. And wo… wo… aaaah…… (falling and shakes head) the…. tail ..did …not …help….. either…… . . And another try ….. . . .

  39. If the sun
    Ain’t shinin bright
    And the moon the moon
    Won’t shine for you tonight
    If the stars in the sky gone away
    And you feel
    Feelin real slow down today
    If life gets hard to understand
    And the whole thing is getting out of hand
    Come to Poppa
    Come see your poppa

  40. Julia Neville

    Oh joy!! Oh boy!! The family has gone to the park for the day
    I shall go to the pantry and see what delights I can find
    The suspense is euphoric, it’s like Christmas in May!
    A fig, a cookie, a doughnut? Some cheese and red wine?
    I’ll relax on the tea towels and stuff til I puff
    Then I’ll carry more back to my nest, where I’ll rest.

    • Julia Neville

      Whoops, I didn’t think this went through, so it’s posted twice.

  41. Martha Bilski

    If You follow me there will be something cheesy!

  42. Pam Schilling

    Dancing with the Stars contestant, Tiny Twinkle Toes!

  43. Julia Neville

    Oh joy!! Oh boy!! The family has gone to the park for the day
    I shall strut to the pantry and see what delights were left behind.
    The suspense is euphoric, it’s like Christmas in May!
    A fig, a cookie, a doughnut? Some cheese and red wine?
    I’ll relax on the tea towels and stuff til I puff
    Then I’ll carry more back to my nest, where I’ll rest.

  44. Lorraine Mitchell

    It’s seems Cinderella’s coach had left with out me !

  45. “I do not have to make noise”. A fairy mouse. “I do not have to make noise”. A fairy mouse on the cheese way. Not a thief, just a serial cheese keeper. “No noise at all”. A fairy mouse thief.

  46. For Hire: Aloyisius Ronald Dack ( aka A. Ron Dack ) , squeaky floor inspector. Low hourly wedge, mere crumbs.

  47. Monsieur Raymond Rat decides to venture out in broad daylight only to find that now they’ve acquired a cat!

  48. Leinani Whitford

    Another lap around this hallway and that metaphor I’m needing to complete my sonnet just might materialize. God willing!

  49. Sally Simons

    “That was a good night last night…now to find a quick exit!”

  50. Dressed to the nines Ronald still wondered if he should have chosen the larger size…..

  51. Carol Robinson

    Time stood still, as Dapper rat gazed longingly at a huge crumb of food on the floor in front of him… could he get to it, without being noticed? Quietly does it, slow but sure gets there, but wait… what was that sound?…

  52. Sharon Thompson

    “I kid you not guys, the cheese, it was this big and shaped like a fish!”

  53. katklaw777

    “My Darling…come…let us watch the sun set over the mountain as we sip our Dandelion wine.”

  54. Jill Pack

    “now what was it I came in here for?………”

  55. Did his eyes deceive him or was there really a chocolate truffle under the sofa?

  56. Carolyn Harness

    “Now if I can just find my embroidered waistcoat, I shall be ready to join my guests for high tea!”

  57. Melanie Fasino

    Don’t mistake the nonchalance of snazzy Mr. Rat!
    He’s a radiator gladiator when it comes to ‘scaping cats.

  58. “If I tiptoe ever so softly and quietly, maybe I can see what is on that work table….”

  59. Wee Graylee wonders where everyone has gone, as he toddles off in search of a goodly nibble of cheese.

  60. Sally hager

    With morning light streaming in…I must get home quick!

  61. Marcelle La Cour

    Rat-a-tat-tat – who is that?
    Is it ol’ Tomcat
    in his denim top hat
    sittin’ on my doormat
    waitin’ for a chat?

  62. Shhh…whiskers do tickle when treats are sweet…trail my tail and follow my feet, together we’ll share what’s good to eat.

  63. What a time for Mrs. Rattly to decide she needs some buttered toast! This pregnancy craving thing will be the death of me!

  64. *Gulp* If I stay really really still the cat might not notice me………….

  65. Eva-Marie Corcoran

    I came in this room for something…now what was it? Hey! who moved my cheese!

  66. Joan Fowler

    “I’m steppin’ out, my dear,
    To breathe an atmosphere
    That simply reeks with class” (Irving Berlin)

  67. Isabelle

    I’m not hiding anymore. I will find her even if I’m still scared!

  68. Shanda Williams

    If I tip toe maybe I won’t wake the cat.

  69. Upon the ancient floorboards
    I find my way into a past Full
    Rat storytale ambles secretly
    Edges of the Riverway
    hold me captive.
    I seek

  70. Elizabeth

    “Nobody puts Baby in the corner”. I’ve just got to dance!!!!!!!!

  71. Sharon O'Brien

    He looks sweet, but a bit guilty, and unsure of himself. So, He might say, “That went well…(I think?)”

  72. Claire Dean

    Must remember the third board from the left wall is the creaky one. Oh and no stepping on the gaps -don’t want any bad luck on the way out! Got caught by that fairy godmother last time and turned into a coachman for the night!

  73. Jeanette

    ‘Samuel Whiskers got through a hole in the wainscot, and went boldly down the front staircase to the dairy to get the butter.’ From The Tale of Samuel Whiskers by Beatrix Potter …In celebration of her work as she was born 150 years ago.

  74. It was the “tippy toes”
    I chose…
    Because the cat was near.
    If I can only reach my cheese…
    before I start to sneeze!

  75. Kim Gilligan

    Please dear, do have a seat whilst I put the kettle on and plate some biscuits.

  76. Anne Holifield

    Now where are those tulips I tippy toed through yesterday?

  77. Lynne Gibson

    “I’m no model lady. A model’s just an imitation of the real thing.” Mae West

  78. Jean McBride

    “I’m a rat…I ain’t twee. Oh, you said you’d made ratatouille. Well, can I have some?”

  79. Maureen Willetts

    Time for a quick getaway, but it was worth it!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Lila Foster

    “Captain Rastus Ratorolio” pirate captain on the high seas. He has faithful crew next to him and a strong Caribbean breeze behind!


    “Hello, I’m home”. Where is everyone?

  82. D. C. Kammason

    Dang! I forgot the creaky floorboard…

  83. “I have a rumbly to fill in my tumbly…”, quietly with feather fine steps to the pantry for a sublime little morsel; or two.

  84. “Who loves you baby? I was the original member of the Rat Pack before Dino, Sammy or Frankie!”

  85. crescent rodgers

    Mr. Dap R. Rat paused as the dust motes sparkled, momentarily causing him to forget what he was looking at.

  86. Terri Dye

    It looks to me as if this adorable little guy is doing Tai Chi; finding inner peace, tranquility of mind and body. He’s being very mindful of each movement and breath. ” Just breathe.”

  87. Betsy Dockhorn

    ‘Oh, I’m hurrying…do wait for me…”

  88. Henriet Ferguson

    Drat! Forgot to wax my mustache again…!

  89. Julia Neville

    I’m a very smart fat-rat! Not afraid of any ol’ scardy-cat!
    Cat runs from me and hides under the lilac bush where I can keep an eye on his calico tush!

  90. A cup of tea and cheddar cheese? I’ll just creep down and have some please!

  91. Harriot…quick…Come see what the cat’s dragged home!

  92. wendy ward

    “if I just move very very slowly she won’t notice”

  93. Fenella Costain

    Dapper Rat has love on his mind. He is tiptoeing into his lovers bedroom dressed in his finery. Ooo la la!

  94. Joelle Oberlin

    Burp, I feel sick….too much cheese; can’t find the barhroom!

  95. Brook eggleston

    who,s on first?
    Whats the score?

    Nine Fortuny rats sliding into home. Radiator is a cool rat. Up at bat, radiator loves to play the outfield. Radiator roots for the home team.

  96. Kathy Gaffney

    Well, hello there……. err, do I know you??

  97. Ella Holland

    Oh bother… I knew I should have clipped my nails! I’m going to wake her up with all this clattering about…

  98. At last my love I have found you! (Of course he is singing it).

  99. Thanks for the captions everybody – winner announced tomorrow evening!

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