4 free projects to try and a post crash update

minki kim linen bookmarks

I’ve been hitting the Pinterest pretty hard lately and collected a few projects I thought you might like to try.  First, linen book marks by Minki Kim. I love book marks as little gifts (it is time to make the things for the people…) and Minki shares some great techniques and ideas for imagery.

felt ornament gift tags

Next stitched felt gift tags from Purl Soho. Purl has a huge collection of free projects, it goes on and on, lots of knit and crochet stuff and a bunch of sewing and craft projects too – all with Purl’s sweet, clean, contemporary style.

bustle and sew alpaca

And a dear Appliqué Alpaca from Bustle and Sew. Everybody loves an alpaca. Find all the instructions and templates right here.

the cheerful space diy

Finally a step by step painting tutorial from The Cheerful Space. I especially love this for a beginner or somebody who is having a hard time starting – this will get you moving and trying stuff.

and the post crash update:

I’m back in Brooklyn but not back to business as usual. It has been a month since the ceiling came crashing down unexpectedly and I’m still dealing with it. I do have a ceiling again, a beautiful ceiling but I have not been able to put things back together here yet. I came home to one hundred years of dust. In everything, it went everywhere.  Looking on the bright side it has been a fabulous opportunity to vacuum, wash, or launder    every    single    thing    I    own.

temporary arrangements

temporary arrangements

And I was very surprised to find about 2 thirds of my place painted an aggressive shade of salmon pink. I have no idea why. No one does.  It should be repainted by Monday and I can’t wait. I am spiritually at odds with this color.

But still, I am home. Happy to be here and making things. Please meet Fernando (dashing in powder blue) and Alvaro.

fernando and alvaro : fortuny owls

fortuny owl : fernando

alvaro : fortuny owl

4 free projects to try


  1. Glad to hear ur home. Yeah, bad wall color. Hope everything comes back together very soon. Have good holidays. ❤️

  2. So glad to see you are home, lovely ceiling and all. I do not envy you the DUST. (shudder). I know how nasty one drywall repair can be, this must be astonishing. The salmon color makes me twitch as well. I hope you get a lovely color of your choice soon.

    I have been seeing llamas all over in designs, and sloths, and narwhals.
    Thank you so much for posting inspiration even as you dust.

  3. Thank you for the update! I’ve been hoping that all would be well for you and your home as quickly as possible. The new ceiling is beautiful. The new paint on the walls… yikes. I would not be spiritually one with it either. It didn’t quite look like you or the kind of backdrop you would like for your beautiful pieces.

    May you have you space back and beautiful again. SOON.

  4. Thanks for posting The Cheerful Space tutorial. There are two things I have never been able to master in the “try extra hard” category. The first is swimming, the second is painting. Can’t wait to try (again!)
    I really love me the Salmon color. In fact, that is my favorite color. It’s happy and catches the light just so. I know it’s a weird color but that’s just me, always just a little weird.. I’m glad things are coming back together for you.

    • Hi Rochelle,

      That salmon color is like mayonnaise – you either love it or hate it, there is no middle ground.

      And I’m so glad you are going to try the painting tutorial – I think it is well put together. Hope you have fun with it.

  5. We have a color like that in our kitchen, hidden under several layers of paint. I found it when I tore the cabinets down. I covered it in a perfect creamy white but sometimes I can still feel it.

    I love the owls. They’re very handsome.

  6. As a house painter, I must say that someone was likely quite drunk when they decided to paint anything with that salmon color. 😀 On the other hand, your ceiling looks very nice!

  7. Call me kookie (I don’t mind)l, but I’m okay with the salmon color — it looks fresh and clean, as does the new ceiling. But of course, I don’t have to live there with it — you do. But I do hope you find a new shade that feels right for you soon. Welcome home!!!

  8. There’s no place like home! Glad you’re back and safe and everything is getting a good cleaning. The new ceiling looks great and I can’t wait to see the new color on the walls.

  9. Glad you are at least back in your home! The cleaning part isn’t all bad but what a detour you have been forced to make. Wishing you peace in the coming months in your ‘new’ home!

  10. Washing and vacuuming everything I own…would not be a bright spot, so I’m happy to hear you are optimistic! They seriously erroneously painted your apartment?!?! That’s kind of crazy.

  11. Ugh. My sympathies for the dusting and cleaning instead of creating! The bright side is, you will have lots of good feng shui with all that cleaning.

  12. I love the wall color, truly I do. But *you* have to live with it! What an ordeal you’ve been through. Thank you for sharing the Bustle & Sew pattern — I’m making it for my bestie. Cheers!

  13. I can sympathize. The plaster ceiling in my bedroom came down at 2am. On my husband. Not wanting to deal with the dust I replaced it with narrow corrugated metal.

  14. Just finished reading your post and went on to discover this quote on another blog!!
    ‘Others, meanwhile, might urge the wisdom of considering particular colour trends and preferences, of including “the colour of the moment”, millennial pink, or perhaps selecting a palette that speaks to the now weirdly ubiquitous hues of Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel (have you also noticed those salmons and violets everywhere?)’

  15. I cannot imagine something like the ceiling falling in. You’re courageous and so optimistic to see a bright side! Thank you for the felt gift tags tutorial link, perfect to make with the kids and for the family.

  16. Chuckling here – I was just thinking “oh, that ceiling looks great, and I like the new color” and then I read further! Yep, everyone’s taste is different, and the way the sun pours in or doesn’t surely affects the colors as well! Hope that your space becomes “home” again very soon – maybe even a new and improved and VERY clean home? When the walls are the way you like them and you get past the dust, it will start feeling more comfortable, I’m sure. Can’t wait to hear about your newest Fortuny windows!

  17. Ann Donnell

    Love your space ! I wouldn’t change a thing ! Thank you for sharing it. xo

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