tiny dolls, captain charmley, mister skimpole and other new things

owl made from wool and owl sewing pattern

Houndstooth is always a bold statement and the scale is daring for an owl of his stature. I think he pulls it off though and he should, Mr. Skimpole is concerned only with appearances and pleasure.

sinclair : hand stitched owl

His associate Sinclair, a far more somber owl, is made from Edwardian and Victorian garments and has shoe button eyes.

a sewing pattern for a dastardly owl

Get the sewing pattern to make your own dastardly owl.

For the last couple days I’ve been adding finishing touches and last minute details to almost finished dolls and creatures. I love a worktable covered with lots of things that only need the fun part done, a little edge stitching or an expression tweaked. One after another they cross the finish line and I feel like an over achiever for a little while.

rag dolls : finishing touches

tiny doll pinafore

emaline : rag doll

captain charmley : rag doll

tiny rag doll

Tonight I’ll begin a new group of things. Mostly ships and boats. I love waking up to a freshly dried layer of paper mache.

Have a lovely weekend and holiday,


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  1. Love your work. So original and creative. I just made my first little boat, got so many compliments.Thanks for the pattern.

  2. There is so much joy on your worktable!

    Thanksgiving is a good time for us to give thanks for your creativity, our own, and that you are once again in your own home. Blessings.



  3. Captain charmly is looking great!
    Will his pattern be available pre Christmas
    I’d love to give him as a gift

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