I posted some experiments and failures over the summer but never the final product – a holiday card, boxed set, that (thanks to lorena, check out her new collages) will be published by Galison for the 2008 season. This was my first experience of this sort and Galison was great.


The birds are Martin and Catherine- something about the way the red bird is standing reminds me of my sister Catherine. I’m going to use this image and some others for gift tags and maybe some other stuff for the 2007 season.


  1. so cute! your styling is always so fun-you must have a blast choosing what branches and etc. to include with your creations.
    you should do a calendar, most def.

  2. I do and thanks very much – I also had the benefit of really great art direction by Juanita at Galison and yes, I’d love to do a calendar – I’ve been sketching out some ideas.

  3. Ann! These are great! You should illustrate a book using them as the main characters. Martin looks French to me. I love the leangth of the legs, when I draw birds -which I do a lot- I tend to give them stubby legs but I prefer the way you do them.

  4. You now have quite a following and deservingly so! Your birds always have so much personality. I love these two and the little acron cap.

  5. Will you let us know when the cards are available I would love to have a set.

  6. The red bird does look like me. Therefore, I am expecting to receive it in my Christmas stocking.

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