it’s easy not to

It’s easy not to post. Especially when I get a little busier than is comfortable, but my whole life goes better if I post here regularly and make my bed. So, a post everyday this week to get back in the swing of it. I’ll also be making my bed but not reporting on it unless something note worthy occurs.

For today a photo of part my bulletin board .

p.s. The Ballerina on the little pink stand is for you freda – I’ll email photos of the rest later today.


  1. I am so surprised for the little pink stand, it’s really lovely!! Thank you Ann!! And I love your board too! Beautiful!! Hope you could write more on your blog as here is a lovely place to come everyday!!

  2. thanks for sharing your bulletin board. i love to see how people capture their inspiration.

  3. Hi, what anti spam tool do you use? Can I download it for free or..? I would really appreciate it if you could answer this question! Thanks!

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