what’s on my work table in the adirondacks

It’s a good thing I like to sew. I brought an ambitious amount of work to the Adirondacks with me, partly because it needed to get done and partly because I couldn’t decide what to leave behind – I wanted to do it all. I’ve been getting a ton done on my favorite porch, sewing for happy and peaceful hours and listening to the wind in the pines – it sounds almost too magical and mysterious to be real.

my favorite porch

I love the big old house – it’s falling apart and has just the right amount of charm and creepy. I chose a couple of the things I’m working on and a few more glimpses of the place and it’s haunted corners to share.

fortuny fox


fortuny fox



eccentric mending

And a little personal mending – I just can’t let them go….


  1. Just love the house, would love to rent it ! Your work is awesome as is your blog. I love how you share all about yourself from your vacation getaway to your creature creations; not to mention those awesome shorts (love them).
    Thank you for your inspiration Ann – enjoy the balance of your summmer.
    May you be even more inspired in your surroundings.

  2. Nice images and very interesting history behind the ‘cure’ houses. I have a hard time going on ‘vacation’ too, but it is nice to get away for the sake of shaking out the brain cobwebs and finding new creative inspiration. Hopefully the house has a nice, old smell too. Enjoy!

  3. Ooooh! That house looks intriguing for sure…I love the crackling wallpaper…but not as much as the mended shorts!

  4. Love Ms Foxie, just know she’s feeling right at home…

  5. Yup, that’s a Pipi Longstocking house if I ever saw one. Love the floral wallpaper & peeling paint. And oh! that Adirondack late summer sun! Nothing like it. Enjoy your getaway!

  6. I love your shorts! I have a similar pair of jeans, i’m determined to keep them for the rest of my life. Do you follow rareweaves on instagram? These reminded me of his work 🙂

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