unclenching my sketchbook

The purpose of my daily painting and drawing practice is to encourage free experimentation and exploration, expand my vocabulary, fail often, follow my curiosity, exercise my creative muscle and give ideas an opportunity to emerge. I took a long break from it and re-entry has been rough. I think in large part because I started selling some of the little paintings I made. Lots of them. That is on my mind now each time I start and I’m less inclined to try stuff. I feel all clenched up about whether or not I can sell what I make that day and If I don’t make a painting I can sell I feel like I have failed. I love making and selling the little paintings and I will keep doing that but I’m separating the daily practice.  Letting that just be a place for ideas and experiments.

sketchbook painting of a goat and mr. cups

And I’m using a sketchbook from now on ( I was using sheets of water color paper). This was the first week and I like it so far. The page in the book is a commitment, no starting over.

goat painting

I also like the idea of filling it up and making the practice more portable. I have lots of travel coming up and I’m determined not to take any more breaks. I’ll scale back on supplies when I’m traveling. I’m also making the commitment manageable, 30 minutes and one page every day.

ann wood sketchbook

I’ll post all this week’s pages here tomorrow.


  1. I know exactly what you mean about ‘letting things go ‘ I too have that same problem but I always keep the original one ……because my soul is lost in that…….you and the fabric or artwork as made a connection and you can’t put a price on that ! Its a bit like music no matter how many years later you hear a certain track it will always take you right back there, what you were doing or what it meant to you……and that’s also the same as creating something……don’t you think ?

  2. I’m so glad I happened upon your blog. I love crafts , and vintage retro etc. I found you on my friend Lynn’s blog so will be following you now. You have helped me to “ let go” of stuff. I have found this very hard to do so far. Have a lovely Sunday. Great crafty photos.

  3. I found myself not able to paint anymore when I was sharing them online. I’ve started to not share them at all and all the pressure is gone. I’m glad you were able to work out what was keeping your paintings inside you.

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