tiny rag doll nation

tiny rag doll by dawn

The  tiny rag doll pattern was not something I planned on or saw coming but I’m so glad I followed the impulse – it has been and continues to be a very happy thing.  A happy thing for me to make and a happy thing to share. I think it strikes a cord – a point of connection so many of you that show up here have in common with me and each other. It’s the kind of sewing I grew up doing – slow hand stitching.  There is sweetness, simplicity and nostalgia about it.  I came across this thought from Dawn – a tiny rag doll maker – she puts it perfectly:

I love the quiet peacefulness of stitching by hand, using a thimble, putting the tiny pieces together just so.  I feel a connection to countless other hand stitchers who came before me.  I think it comes through in the dolls.

The doll above – forward looking and ready for adventure is by Dawn ( as well as the next 3) and below I’ll share some other wonderful tiny rag doll work by customers. You can find more and add  your own to the ann wood handmade by you Flickr group – there are lovely things happening there – all sorts of ideas and details and variations being shared (including adorable crocheted wigs – a pattern from another fabulous tiny doll maker Beth – scroll all the way to the bottom of her page for the link).

I think it’s the perfect moment for a tiny doll revolution – the world needs more tiny handmade rag dolls  – an army of hand stitched little ladies who mean business.

P.S. If you’ve made a tiny rag doll and have details, variations or tips you’d like to share please do in the comments or email me and I’ll add it to the post.tiny rag doll by dawn

tiny rag doll by dawn

tiny rag doll by dawn

Below – tiny rag dolls by Karen:

tiny rag dolls by karen

 tiny rag dolls by Karen

And by Joyce:

 tiny dolls by Joyce

 tiny dolls by Joyce

And Beth:

doll by beth


  1. I love them all, and love the Tiny Rag Doll Nation! Thank you for a great pattern, and an inspiring blog post.



  2. I love this pattern. It is well written with lots of visuals. I truly enjoy every hand stitched piece resulting in this endearing little rag doll. Thank you Ann.

    Kind regards,


  3. Thank you, Ann, for featuring my dolls and my thoughts here on your blog. I have truly enjoyed using this pattern. I’m so glad you followed that impulse. I like your idea of the tiny rag doll nation. It is so enjoyable sewing along with my friends on Flickr, bouncing ideas off each other. I love seeing new tiny rag dolls pop up in the Flickr group and on Instagram with the annwoodhandmade hashtag.

  4. Ruth Hoefert

    I did not know the Flicker group existed! I just joined! I will get some photos loaded eventually. I have completed two cups that I gave away and am working on another. I need to get my horse put together and take pictures. I have other patterns waiting to be done. The little doll may get me yet!

  5. Beautiful work! I am in search of your pattern for the little black kitty. Is it available?

  6. Mandy Crawley

    I just received my pattern in the mail yesterday and I’m SO excited to get going on it. I completely agree with Dawn, I feel a connection with countless ladies before me who have sat quietly working on a doll for themselves or a special little girl. I’m so grateful you followed your impulses to create this pattern and that you offer a printed one.

  7. June Munger

    I used to handsew so many little things when i was young (long ago) and sewing my little rag doll, not finished yet, was a real joy. i feel like i used to feel then! Totally engrossed and absorbed in this small creation appearing under my own gnarly fingers. Your straw & skewer trick also works when stuffing the arms & legs – insert straw & use the skewer to feed bits of fluff into those itty bitty limbs, just makes it easier. Thanks for the inspiration, Ann!

  8. Susan Hebert

    I’m working on my little rag doll as I’m recovering from my second knee replacement in 6 months. Very peaceful and soothing sewing. Have lots of ideas for more ladies in the future. Look for a picture or two when I am finished.


  9. Que lindas bonecas! Lindas fotos! um site inspirador! fiquei fã!

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