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bird sewing pattern bookletsongbird booklets are back in stock now

I need deadlines. For everything. Even stuff I love doing.

I knew that before but I thought of it as a shortcoming. A bad thing about me I need to change instead of acknowledging how I’m wired and working with that reality. Figure out what I need, identify what motivates me and arrange my life as optimally as possible to support that. Just like time, focus, energy and attention motivation needs to be managed.

There is nothing like a credible threat to get you moving.  The songbird booklet lingered in almost done for ages. The unmovable, fixed date of the Squam Art Fair was the perfect motivation to push the print pattern across the finish line. Get up a little earlier, work a little later, beg the printer (local and awesome). Make it happen. It was painful. And I’m so glad I did it.

bird pattern booklet and wool stuffing

I love the booklet, and I love that it is done. It is more than 20 pages and illustrated with over 100 black and white photos. Checkout some lovely birds made from the pattern below and if you like you can send images to me at info at ann wood handmade dot com or use #annwodpattern on instagram.

P S- By the way I’m thinking of offering wool stuffing in the shop this fall – what do you think?


  1. Congratulations on completing it. It looks lovely. As another one who needs a “credible threat” to get things accomplished, I appreciate you embracing it. It may help me do the same.

  2. Susan Hebert

    Would like to be able to find wool stuffing in your shop, Ann. I hunted about on the web recently when I was housebound following double knee replacements without much luck. I am working through the Tiny Rag doll pattern, so I didn’t want to by multiple pounds of the stuff ( I think 20 lbs was the smallest quantity I came across), so a reasonable amount would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Liz Van Buren

    Hi Ann! Congrats on getting the pattern done! I bought the download immediately when it came out but haven’t started it yet…and YES on the wool. My online search seemed to be only large amounts and it is quite spendy. Maybe you have a supplier with a good price and you could split into smaller amounts and sell to us. That is a great idea! xo

  4. Janet Kersh

    I love the birds. Yes on the wool stuffing – it is wonderful to work with and is not lumpy.

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