the positive snowball effect of finishing things and a new workshop

It’s such a mistake to let too many unfinished projects pile up. The weight of all that isn’t done can really mess with a person’s momentum and momentum is key.  When it happens the only way through is to start finishing things – one at a time. This week I’ve been finishing stuff – big stuff and little stuff. A wooly edwardian owl was the first – he was nearly there so it was an easy win.

hand stitched owl

He’ll be in the shop next week with some songbirds and other creatures – you can sign up here if you would like an email notification when the new things are available.

Crossing just one thing off the list makes a huge difference, the shift is instant and it’s easier to tackle the next – as each task is completed momentum starts to snowball and replace the self perpetuating overwhelmed and stuck feelings.  My next project was finishing up my improvisational doll experiments – also lingering in “all most done”.

handmade dolls

handmade soldier doll

He stepped right out of a Jane Austen novel, one of her steady hearted colonels. I love him. And he is excellent at guarding books.

A large project got finished too,  creating a new workshop for this September.  Come see me in Boulder!

ann wood

That’s me – in my middle aged art lady uniform. The linen smock (by Cal Patch) really is my uniform – if you run in to me in Brooklyn or come to Colorado there’s a pretty solid chance I’ll have it on. This is my first 3 day workshop ever and it’s presented by the Makerie  September 22nd through the 24th.  3 days to explore something with a small group sounds marvelous. The title of the work shop is Natural History.

little fly

I can share all the details with you next week and registration will open then too. For now I’ll leave you with this very little fly I made to bring to Boulder with me.


  1. They’re all just so amazing Ann! and good for you to finish them and mark them off the list, something I find hard to do these days! I’m sure it would help if I could just get started! 🙂

    • annwood

      Hi Pam – That’s the hard part! I’ve been dancing around some of these things for weeks – it does feel good to cross them off my list.

  2. Carlene

    So lovely! Wonderful Lady and Gent. Wish I could join you in September! Just a 9 hour drive for me. But I am headed to Scotland right at that time, a trip I’ve been wanting to take for years.

    • annwood

      Hey Carlene – have a great time! Too bad the timing is bad – I think you would have fun with this workshop.

  3. Moni Stephens

    You are a lovely lovely human being I love admiring your creations Thankyou

  4. So excited about your workshop! Hope to sign up. I have taken 2 others there, stimulating & fun!!

    • annwood

      Fabulous – It’s my first time in boulder and my first mini makerie – so looking forward to it – hope to see you there!

  5. they are wonderful Ann, as are you in your uniform, I need a middle-aged art lady uniform too! How I wish I could make a workshop with you one day, but I am in England so it is pretty unlikely… ah well I shall have to keep making your wonderful creations instead :-).

    Claire x (IG: waves_and_grace)

    • annwood

      Hi Claire – a uniform really is a good thing – and – you never know – hoping to make it across the pond for at least one workshop next year.

  6. Thank you for that Ann. I am going straight to my workshop and make list of all the things that need to be finished. I think I leave things not quite finished as I fear they will are not quite good enough/as I imagined they would be… If they lay there not ‘quite finished, then I don’t have to face that. However, they do hang over me as you describe so well – so finish them I shall. x

    • annwood

      Hi Sara – that is so true – that fear of – not good enough – can keep you from starting too. Ideas are so much safer in our heads. The mistakes that make it into the world are much more meaningful and useful though.

  7. I love the dolls they make my fingers itch to get back to doll making

    • annwood

      Do it! And have fun – who knows who is waiting to turn up?!

  8. Love your little dolls and critters! And I agree about the unfinished projects – I have a week of vacation coming and I think I’m adding an unfinished doll project to my “to do” list – along with a pile of fabric butterflies which MUST be done before June! (They’re a gift to some ladies with whom I’ll be attending a ladies conference.) I think I might need a Creative Lady smock – a reminder that I should be creating rather than “wasting time”.

  9. annwood

    Hi Trudi – I think my subconscious does get the message that I mean business when I put that smock on. Good luck with your list!

  10. Liz Van Buren

    Oh, the soldier, Ann! In love with him. Just IN LOVE. Still patiently waiting for a botanical pattern someday. You’re so amazing. xo

  11. Cindy Armstrong

    I love the fly!!! And the handsome colonel. Please come down South sometime to do a workshop! I’ll make sure you get some good Southern cooking.

  12. Maggie Bonanomi

    Anne, love your work, came across it by chance recently, your thoughts about the use of old found fabric is right up my alley! Hand work too. Maybe one day I’ll be lucky to attend one of your workshops!

  13. Oh the tiny fly is just precious, any chance you will put one in the shop soon?

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