The Pollyanna (again)

Recently, I gave the Pollyanna, a ship I made last summer, a little overhaul – new sails, a layer of paper, some pink paint and new flags and now she’s being auctioned to benefit The Children’s Aid Society . You’ll find the auction here.


And the daily bird:


Amybeth. She’ll be in the shop at 6 PM EST this evening.


  1. I just had to say how much I love your work! I am just de-lurking myself, as I now have my own blog to go along with my shop! : )

  2. The ship is lovely! I bid on one for the Kim Family Auction (but didn’t win), and I’m going to go bid on this beauty right now.

  3. this is certainly the most beautiful and youthful bird you have ever created. you must have been most inspired. raaaarrrrhhhhhhh.

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