the first of the 2017 fleet and what’s on my work table

ann wood studio

It is lovely to have an expanse of days ahead of me that can fully accommodate a current hermit inclination. And the combination of having let go of a lot of things during a fall purge and having a photo shoot for a magazine feature right before the holidays, I’m unusually tidy and organized. There are twinkle lights and quilts and happy plants – it’s pretty cozy.

18th century songbird work

songbird work

With the exception of a visit to the DMV tomorrow morning I can spend hours and days parked on the couch with happy projects. I’m working on songbirds from 18th century textiles, some mr. socks and tiny rag dolls and lots of other projects including the flamingo kit.

flamingo kit samples

I’ve made a couple prototypes and zeroed in on my paper choice – a combination of German and Italian papers. I may end up offering both options but I wonder if there is a strong preference for one or the other. What do you think – pale pink or all coral?


And the first of the 2017 fleet.

ann wood paper mache ship

Find the pattern to make your own here.

I have more paper and fabric ships and boats in progress – some I’m making in preparation for my spring Sweet Paul Makerie workshop and some for the shop (next month I think). Speaking of workshops I’ll be adding a new one for the fall of 2017 – working out the details now.

And there is the possibility for next year (2018) of doing something in France – wouldn’t that be nice…….



  1. maxine lesline

    Your pics and comments make your unusual talent and far-out projects seem ‘homey’….. tho obviously these represent a history of years of work and thought… and energy. Your comfy chairs do seem like an invitation to loll and share cups of hot tea… and maybe a gingersnap.

  2. I like a combination of both colors, but if I had to chose, I would go with all coral. The flamingos are SO cool! 🙂

  3. Greg Stewart

    Definitely the pale pink that transitions to the coral.
    Very impressive with the two tones.

  4. Sonia simpson

    Defiantly pale pink
    I make flamingo toppers too and the lighter pink would go with more wedding theme colours. Visually I love the look of both colours best.

  5. Love flamingos!! I really focused in on each one, because we do have lots of flamingos here in south Louisiana!! I believe the one with the pale pink neck looks more realistic as far as color goes. Wonderful project – can’t wait for those kits.

  6. Oh, I do adore your boats!!! Always feel myself being drawn into a story when I see one. So wonderful Ann. And, in reference to your question of pale pink or all coral….yes. That’s my answer. Have a fantastic time creating.

  7. Pale pink version looks great – more realistic. Both are so pretty!

  8. I really like the transition of color best- it draws the eye. I can’t wait for further updates!

  9. Pale pink/coral….the one in the left photo. Oh how I cannot wait for this kit!!!!!

  10. i like the transition of the pale pink…and those songbird fabrics make me so happy…

  11. What a wonderfully cozy nook to curl up in and create! The flamingos are amazing (I love them both) but the ship…I’m ready to sail away 🙂



  12. The birds are gorgeous, alive old souls with a current outlook. I like both colors, for the flamingoes.

    Those ships take me far, far away. I have to make some ships (once my owls are done); they’ll need to take a boating voyage.

    Thank you for all your beautiful work!!!!

  13. Dawn DeMulling

    I like the pale pink and wish I could live in your cozy house.

  14. I’m of the coral camp.

    Would love one of your 2017 ships as a birthday gift this year. Would love even more to have the where-with-all to make one, but depression has had a pretty firm grip on me for most of the past 12 months and it takes so long to get out of. Ann, your blog, IG posts and exploring the past in you blog, usually gives me light in my darkness. Thanks so much for sharing.

  15. I love the ship! And I vote for the pale pink flamingo. Also, my twin sister and I will be taking your 3-D sewing course at the Sweet Paul Makerie. We cannot wait!

  16. I am purchasing the ship pattern today. I really wanted to take that class at The Makerie, but choices had to be made My Twin sister Judy and I will be taking your 3D sewing. We are looking forward to meeting you. I love the flamingo kit (I like the pastel). Judy will have to show you a picture of the flamingo she made in elementary school!

  17. it’s hard, isn’t it, to be an introvert….your songbirds are beyond beautiful! thank you for sharing. you offer such encouragement to a beginning introverted sorta/kinda artist type.

  18. Carlene Williams

    Hope you had a spectacular birthday! I love the all coral flamingo and all these beautiful things. And would love to join you in the south of France!

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