the daily bird

Beginning today and for an indefinite period I’m going to post one little bird for sale everyday in my shop Monday through Friday. At least for now they will each be one of a kind made from some tiny pieces of my favorite vintage fabric I’ve been saving. Sometimes the bird will be fancy and sometimes simple. The time of the post will vary but I’ll put a notice in the shop of the time the day before. The first daily bird is jane and she’ll be in the shop at 1PM. ( I would have given you more notice but wordpress was being all squirrely and weird this morning)



  1. ann I just love your birds so much, I am keeping my eye out for one who migh like to be my friend.

  2. I absolutley love your birds. I’m getting married this December and my new last name will be Byrd! Love Byrds wil be the theme of our wedding! I’m so glad I found this site!

  3. Today i have the time to look at your work,quitly,it´s a work of art , amazing , welldone and unique.i specially love those simple birds you are talking about!
    from Portugal

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