The daily bird is back

I’m not sure for how long but at least for this week. This is rosalee.

She’ll be in the shop at 8:30 PM.

Something Christmasy in progress:


I’m still working on it. Here’s a shot of the little set.


And another not so pretty behind the scenes picture.


This is what about 95% of the pictures I take look like.

*news about ships , 100 horses and some other things tomorrow*


  1. E Noone

    birdfall provided entertainment for the whole family

  2. I really wish I could give one of your daily birds a loving home!The time difference is a real downer!

  3. ha!! wonderful to see how others struggle to get those tricky shots. i’m with kristy!! who can keep up with the daily bird? seems they are just out of reach time-wise.

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